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Pokemon ultimate mega ruby cheat codes

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Another thing, if you want to appear a certain Pokemon using the Legendary or Wild Pokemon Modifier cheat, you need to walk on grasses, swim the ocean or wherever a Pokemon normally shows up. I am not that confident at all with the following Ruby cheat codes will work for you. There are plenty of reasons why a cheat fails to work, and the most common reason is the ROM version you are currently using. So far, the cheats below have been successfully tested on Pokemon Ruby U Mugs version and Ruby US V1. However, I will try to collect all possible cheat codes that would work on different versions of Pokemon Ruby game so stay tuned. Pokemon Ruby GameShark Cheat Codes List Master Code A2E564FE 0FB58A54 530823D9 16558191 AERODACTYL 66582493 0FF88AD2 ARTICUNO B8BABB07 1279065D ZAPDOS 813E577F C64AB1BA MOLTRES 5A8E3C77 1F661F0B DRATINI 439D4063 28AB4F8B MEWTWO 649DA11D AC382E6A MEW 13EAA696 65095035 RAIKOU A10710E4 E472D0F8 ENTEI 5B01BDB2 183D8C74 SUICUNE D25A4A77 A675F69A LUGIA 4EECFE9F 27D82240 HO-OH 3D68FB8B 4B323185 CELEBI ABAB4663 A9BDEC6F REGIROCK EE48CE33 DD9BA0C5 REGICE B8E60141 9846F68D REGISTEEL 79DFACFC CE3130F9 GROUDON F655438D 3AA5C717 RAYQUAZA F45F5684 50826322 LATIAS 9924490F 674355D7 LATIOS B0EF6EE8 A714B8D9 JIRACHI 89CF0941 3F293D81 DEOXYS 88F7CB8E EE360350 Cheat codes: Full Restore F6d63594 20b33e32 Max Revive 9c51c651 033feef8 Max Elixir 612a0d7a 864b1d29 HP Up Ef059a66 1b91fa78 PP Max 7a74d52c 460da729 Max Repel 08da1807 097673f4 Escape Rope 088d15f0 D5affc6d Sun Stone 50c1cd99 D96b58b4 Moon Stone D708816f C1207eb6 Fire Stone F6aafa8b 4d2c5f22 ThunderStone 23abbf10 041ccbbe Water Stone 45734f06 591ecd99 Leaf Stone F668b3c9 14db1264 Heart Scale 000d4dd5 Ebc33f52 Exp. Got a question or need some help? This post was last modified on May 4, 2018. Recent changes include; added cheat type details for every cheat, verifying some cheats and improving post contents I just wanna Thank You So damn much. I hope this helps some But i dont know my self.