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Novelization by Kooshmeister

Adapted from Glenn Leopold's Script


The SWAT Kats moved furtively throughly a dimly-lit metal corridor in the Reflex Room... then sudden a hideous mass of metallic tentacles swung down toward them. Assuming a heroic pose, T-Bone raised by Glovatrix to fire some Mini-Turboblades at the tentacles. Razor was a beat behind. T-Bone's Turboblades severed three tentacles and Razor's severed two. Now that the path was clear, T-Bone grinned as the duo started to run down the corridor with T-Bone in the lead.

A circular ball lowered from the ceiling and gun barrels clicked out. The ball revolved as T-Bone reacted. The whirling ball's gun barrels began spraying out laser blasts toward T-Bone, who dropped to his belly and rolled to avoid them. Razor hit a button on his Glovatrix, as a shield snapped out to block the laser fire. Rolling, T-Bone pointed his Glovatrix upward and fired his cement machine gun, sending globs at the laser ball.

The cement bursts clogged up the gun barrels, hardening and stopping the laser blasts. The ball stopped revolving. Razor, with the shield, moved past T-Bone, who got to his feet and followed.

The SWAT Kats were now side by side in a darkened corridor as there was a soft hiss from a panel opening. A flamethrower nozzle emerged. A burst of flame roared out at the SWAT Kats. T-Bone dove under it, as Razor blocked the flame. The SWAT Kats rolled and went into a run through a doorway. They halted and held up their wrists, tapping their wrist monitors. T-Bone's had a digital readout: 2350. Razor's read 2345.

"I'm five points ahead, buddy," T-Bone bragged.

Razor reacted. "We're not out of the Reflex Room, yet, pal! It's the final score that counts!"

The SWAT Kats started running up some stairs to the next level. There, they grabbed a hanging steel cable and started to rope climb with just their arms, keeping their legs horizontal. They leapt onto another platform, which started to tilt to an incline as the SWAT Kats raced up it. Metallic barrels started to roll down toward them from an opening above the platform. Razor leaped over the barrels. As T-Bone just managed to jump over a barrel, another came toward him. He hit a button on his Glovatrix as an extension buzzsaw came out. T-Bone sawed through the barrel, which fell in two before it reached him. T-Bone hurried up the incline.

On the top of the incline, Razor leaped over the final barrel, and T-Bone buzzsawed through it. They both ran into the doorway from which the barrels came from, entering the spike room. The SWAT Kats grabbed hanging cables and swung over a floor full of spikes toward an open doorway on the far side. A metal door with "Level B" written on it was descending, rapidly closing the opening. Razor let go of the cable and did a graceful somersault through the narrow doorway. T-Bone released the cable and dove through the now two foot high doorway on his belly.

"Oof!" he cried.

The metal door slammed shut.


In the top secret research lab of Megakat Biochemical Labs, Dr. N. Zyme held a beaker labeled Viper Mutagen 368. Dr. Elrod Purvis, a small, weaselly-looking scientist, stood next to a long-stemmed rose.

"Now to find out if our regenerative mutatagen really works," Dr. Zyme was saying. "Sever the stem, Purvis."

Purvis pulled out some gardener's clippers and snipped the rose from the stem.

"You really think the viper extract is the key, Dr. Zyme?" he asked.

Zyme took an eyedropper full of fluid from the beaker. "If snakes can grow back their tails, why shouldn't our reptilian formula stimulate rapid regeneration in plants?" he asked.

The dropper pinged a drop of fluid on the stem. The stem began to shudder... then a closed rose bud grew back at the end. Zyme and Purvis reacyed.

Purvis gasped. "It works!"

"Yes, Purvis," said Zyme. "Just think of the benefit to katkind."

He imagined a forest of charred trees on a hillside, restored to lush green forest.

"Viper Mutagen 368 will be able to restore forests that have been burned to the ground."

He then imagined a field of wilted corn, replaced with healthy corn, the golden ears bursting out of the husks.

"Devastated fields of crops will grow again, feeding millions," he enthused.

Purvis touched the beaker as Zyme patted him on the shoulder.

"And I couldn't have done it without you, Purvis!" he said. "All these years of research are finally paying off.

"But how do they pay off for us?" Purvis asked.

Zyme moved toward a desk with a phone. As Zyme moved to the desk and reached for the phone, he turned back toward Purvis with a smile. "We'll be famous," he said. Into the phone, he said, "Mayor Manx, please."

Purvis scowled as he ran a finger along the beaker. "Famous... I'd rather be rich."

In his office at City Hall, Mayor Manx was lining up a putt toward his portable green as he listened to Dr. Zyme on a speaker phone on his desk.

"I wanted you to be the first to hear about the success of our plant growth formula," Zyme was saying over the speaker. "After all, Mayor Manx, it was your grant to the lab that paid for this research."

Callie Briggs, leaning on the desk, watched as Manx gave her a grin.

"So it was," he said. "Then I guess you'll be calling it the Manx Formula, eh, Zyme?"

Callie rolled her eyes. Manx was grinning as he was about to shoot for the green.

"No, it's called Viper Mutagen 368," Zyme's voice said over the speaker.

"What?!" said Manx and hit the ball. It missed the hole.

Back at Megakat Biochemical Labs, Dr. Zyme talked into the phone. "Why don't you come over and see the results of our research?" he suggested.

Purvis glowered at the lab table. He looked at the beaker. "A formula like this would be worth millions to the right bidder," he said under his breath, "and that fool Zyme's going to give it away to the city."

Back at City Hall, Manx lined up a putt even he couldn't miss. He was three inches from the hole. "Come over now?" he asked. "I'm very busy."

Manx sank the putt and grinned.

"First thing in the morning, then?" Dr. Zyme's voice suggested over the speaker.

Manx's grin faded as the golf ball automatically popped out of the hole and rolled to his feet. "Saturday's usually my morning for golf... but I guess I can stop by early." He walked over to Callie at the desk. "And I'll bring Deputy Mayor Briggs with me," he said as Callie reacted.

"I'll be looking forward to seeing you both," Zyme's voice said.

Callie punched off the speaker phone, rolling her eyes. "Saturday is usually my morning to sleep in."

Manx just grinned.


The SWAT Kats moved cautiously down the corridor in Level B of the Reflex Room. It was a dark corridor with a painted city silhouette. Nearby were crates, oil barrels and trash cans. Another corridor stretched off like an alleyway. A cardboard cutout of Dark Kat popped up. T-Bone blasted him with a jet powered Turbo-Boomerang from the Glovatrix. It whooshed toward the cutout, smashing it in two, then zoomed back into T-Bone's hand. He reloaded it into his Glovatrix arm sheath with a click. Then T-Bone glanced at the wrist monitor on his other arm. The score went from 3000 to 3500.

Razor moved down the street. There was a noise in the alley. Razor struck a dramatic pose with his Glovatrix aimed as a cutout of the little old lady Chance and Jake often towed popped up. Razor held his fire and moved on as he glanced at his wrist monitor. He went from 2995 to 3495.

Suddenly, a cutout of the Pastmaster popped up from a trash can. Razor whiled and blasted him with a Mini-Octopus Missile that ripped the cutout right out of the can.

A cutout of Mayor Manx sprang up from inside a window. T-Bone whirled and fired his Turbo-Boomerang. The Turbo-Boomerang whooshed off the cutout's head. Razor approached from the side and reacted.

"Aw, crud!" T-Bone cried.

He caught the boomerang in his hand as Razor jerked a thumb at the window, chuckling.

"Looks like Megakat City is gonna need a new Mayor. That's an automatic Game Over."

There was a loud "game over" type video game beeping as T-Bone held up his wrist monitor. The beeps continued as the digital readout announced: "Innocent Bystander Terminated. Game Over!"

Razor patted T-Bone's shoulder. T-Bone angrily clicked the boomerang back into his Glovatrix.

"Guess I win," said Razor.

"Big deal," said T-Bone. "It's just a training exercise, Razor. Not the real thing."

He stalked off down an alley, pushing the door open and storming, light flooding the Reflex Room alley. Razor followed. The exit door of the Reflex Room was in a cave wall type corner of the brightly lit hangar.

"It's always a big deal when YOU win," Razor complained.

T-Bone glared at Razor. "Want a rematch?"

"Two out of three?" Razor asked.

"You're on!"

The duo re-entered the Reflex Room as the door hissed closed behind them.


In a lit hallway back at Megakat Biochemical, Zyme, holding his briefcase, pushed the elevator button. "Are you coming, Purvis?" he asked.

Purvis shook his head, pointing down the hall. "You go on ahead. I wanna tidy up my office before the Mayor arrives."

The elevator arrived with a ping.

"Well, see you in the morning then," Zyme said. He got in, smiling, reaching out to shake Purvis' hand. "And congratulations."

Then he pushed the inside elevator button as the doors closed. Purvis turned away, wringing his hands with anticipation.

"What an idealistic fool!" he said. "Now's my chance!"

Purvis walked to the top secret lab door and started to enter, grinning.

In the lobby, the elevator doors opened and Zyme strode out past a guard desk where a uniformed security guard, Emil, was on duty.

"Goodnight, Emil," he said.

"'Night, Dr. Zyme," Emil replied.

Dr. Zyme patted his shirt pocket. "Darn, I forgot my reading glasses."

Zyme turned around.

Back upstairs in the lab hallway, the elevator doors pinged open as Dr. Zyme emerged and started down the hall toward his office as Dr. Purvis walked out of the top secret lab door, carrying the beaker of Viper Mutagen and a sheaf of notes.

"Purvis!" Zyme cried.

Purvis whirled and reacted. Zyme came down the hallway, pointing an accusing finger.

"Where do you think you're going with that?" he demanded. "And what are you doing with my notes?"

Purvis started to run down the hall toward a door marked "Exit." "I'm taking the formula, Zyme!" he declared. "It's gonna make me rich!"

Zyme ran after him. "No!" he cried. Zyme pushed through the exit doorway and found himself on a deserted landing. He looked down the stairwell. "Purvis!" he called, his voice echoing.

"Right behind you, Zyme!" came Purvis' voice.

Zyme whirled as the exit door swung closed. Purvis was hiding behind it. His fist looped forward. They was a whap. With a cry of "Oof!", Dr. Zyme thumped backward into the stairwell wall and crumbled. Dr. Purvis hurried past. His footsteps echoed down the stairs.

"Stop... Purvis..." Zyme said weakly, "you... treacherous thief!"

The helpless Zyme accented his words his a helpless kick that caused his briefcase to fall over the stairwall. Dr. Purvis grinned as he ran down the stairs.

"Nothing can stop me now!" he said. The briefcase dropped in and hit the step in front of Purvis. He tripped over it and fell forward. "Oof!" There was a crash.

Purvis ended up sprawled on his hands and knees. The broken beaker was nearby. Zyme's notes were scattered on the stairs. Splashes of formula were on the landing walls and Purvis was drenched in the stuff. He looked up, glaring.

"Now look what you made me do!" he snarled. "But don't worry, I'll just use your notes to whip up another ba..." His face started to twitch. "Ba... batch!"

He twitched and spasmed. "Arrggh..." he gasped, "ahhhh... mph!" He gave a weak exhale. In a moment, he was motionless, sprawled on his back on the landing.

Leaning over the stairwall from the upper landing, Dr. Zyme looked down in shock. He gasped. "Purvis?"


Later, two Enforcers carried a sheeted stretcher down the stairs. Dr. Purvis' tail dropped out from under the sheet. On the landing, Commander Feral wrote in a notebook as Dr. Zyme pointed to the spill marks on the landing wall. Emil the guard was next to Zyme, providing a steadying arm.

"He was planning to steal the formula, Commander," Zyme said, still in shock. "When it all spilled on him, the shock to his system must have been... too great..."

"It wasn't your fault, Dr. Zyme," Feral said, flipping the notebook shut. "His own greed did him in."


At the Megakat City Morgue, Purvis' motionless foot stuck out from underneath the sheeted slab sticking out of a wall of morgue lockers with a toe tag reading "Elrod Purvis, D.O.A." Purvis' tail was sticking out, too. Suddenly, the tail began to twitch. So did the sheet. With crunching sounds, the tail started to change. Purvis' hand bubbled and transformed with crunching sound as claws snapped out. With a rip, a clawed foot tore out of the sheet. The tail was now a snake tail! A dramatic shadow was cast on the morgue wall, showing Purvis' transformation. The shadow grew and became more menacing.

Outside, a white-suited morgue attendant was moving down the hall, eating a sandwich. He suddenly stopped and reacted to a slithering sound coming from inside the closed morgue door.

"What the...?" he wondered aloud, munching.

The door opened and the attendant peered in. There was a menacing hiss as the attendant's eyes went wide in fright. He dropped his sandwich and screamed. "Yaaaaaaah!"


Outside of Megakat Biochemical that same night, a manhole lid started to rise. In the lobby, Emil was reading a Kat Kommando comic with a lurid giant octopus on the cover. He heard a slithering sound. Emil looked up.

"Anybody there?" he asked.

The lobby was empty.

Emil shook his head and went back to his comic. "These comics must be gettin' to me."

There was a low hiss as a snake tail slithered around the corner near the bank of elevators.

In the top secret lab, Dr. Zyme, holding his forehead, was at his desk. He straightened up some papers on his desk. "Poor Purvis..." he said mournfully, "helping katkind just wasn't enough for him."

Dr. Zyme approached the pretty rose, reacting as the rosebud opened to reveal an ugly mutated core, like a mottled venus flytrap with sharp, moving fangs and a forked tongue. Zyme looked shocked.

"Oh no!" he cried. "It's mutated! That means the formula is worthless! And to think Purvis perished for nothing."

Zyme reached to pick up the telephone on the desk.

"I'd better tell the Mayor not to come."

A hissing voice suddenly said, "You won't be telling Manx anything, Zyme!"

An amazed Zyme turned and peered into the shadows. "W-Who's there?" he asked.

A figure moved out of the darkness of the shadowy corner of the lab, toward Zyme, who was still holding the phone. Short, thin and hunched over, it was a scrawny kat with green and bluish green striped fur and crazy black spiked hair, appearing to be naked save for a white coat. A long reptilian tail lashed slowly behind him. Its features resembled that of Purvis, but hideously distorted.

"Is that... is that you, Purvis?" Zyme asked in disbelief.

"Not anymore!" said the figure. "Jussst call me Viper... DOCTOR Viper!"

Zyme screamed and swung the phone receiver as Viper's clawed hand reached in to crush it to dust. "Yaaaah! Keep away!"

"Don't you want to work with me anymore, Dr. Zyme?" Viper taunted.

Dr. Zyme ran for the door. "Hellllp!" he cried.

Viper's tail snaked in to grab him around the waist in a crushing grip. Viper followed.

"Oof!" Zyme grunted.

"I want to do a little experimenting in the biology lab!" Viper said, evil snake eyes glittering as he laughed evilly.

Later in the biology lab, Viper's mutated arm thrust into a jar labeled "Mosquitoes." It was filled with buzzing mosquitoes. Half a dozen landed and started drinking from the pustule-covered arm. Dr. Zyme was tied to a chair, watching the ugly display.

"Drink up," Viper said. "Bet you bugs have never tasssted a walking mutation before."

"What are you doing, Purvis?" Zyme asked.

"The name isss VIPER!" the reptilian mutant insisted, shaking his arm, the bloated mosquitoes buzzing off, still in the jar. "And I'm going to need some alliesss if I intend to take over Megakat City."

Viper withdrew his arm and moved to jar full of buzzing black wasps labeled "Killer Wasps." Dr. Viper plunged his ugly arm into the jar and the wasps started to sting him.

Dr. Zyme twisted in his chair. "You're crazy!"

Dr. Viper leaned in to grin at the buzzing bugs in the two insect jars. "We'll see about that! Now that these insectsss have my mutagen in their systemsss... let's see how big I can make them before the Mayor gets here!"

He held several katalyst flasks marked "96" in his hands. He poured them into the two jars, laughing evilly.


Commander Feral looked at the trashed morgue later that morning. The slab Purvis was on was bent and twisted. There were slimy traces. Enforcer Sergeant Talon approached Feral.

"Did you get anything out of the attendant?" Feral asked.

"No, sir," said Talon. "He's still in shock."

Feral grumbled. "That's just great. Keep looking. I want that body found."

"Yes, sir."

Feral opened the door and entered the alleyway. He walked toward his Enforcer car, still grumbling. "What a way to start the day."

As Feral's boots walked over a drain cover, it rattled. Feral leaned in and picked up the drain cover. There was some slime on it.

"Same crud that was in the morgue," he observed. He turned and yelled over his shoulder. "Sergeant, get some flashlights!"

"Yes, sir!" replied Sergeant Talon from inside the morgue.


Callie's car parked at the curb of Megakat Biochemical Labs. She, yawning, and Manx in his golf outfit approached the front door.

"Come, Callie!" said Manx. "The faster we get this over with, the faster I can tee off."

The lobby doors hissed open. Callie and Manx entered, past the dozing security guard, Emil, who had fallen asleep, mouth open, with his comic book on his chest.

"Tight security," Callie said with a yawn as she passed the security guard.

They took the elevator. With a ping, the elevator doors opened as Callie and Manx emerged and approached the top secret lab door. The door was ajar.

"Dr. Zyme?" Manx called out.

There was no answer. As they entered, they saw a huge honeycombed wasp nest in the room. Dr. Zyme was a paralyzed captive in one of the cells. He did not speak, but looked helplessly at the duo with wide-eyed shock. They reacted with shock.

"What the...?" gasped Manx.

Behind them, Viper's tail slammed the door shut. The duo whirled.

"Dr. Zyme is a little indisposssed at the moment!" Viper hissed.

Callie pointed at him, gasping. "Who... or what... are you?"

Viper grinned evilly, pointing at the duo as he moved toward a lab table covered with bubbling beakers. "I used to be Dr. Purvisss..." he explained, "but now you can call me Dr. Viper! And I'm going to turn you into mutationsss like me!"

Manx broke and ran for the door. "I-I'm late for my golf game!" he whimpered. Manx threw open the door as a giant mosquito buzzed in toward him. "Yaaah!" he screamed.

"There'sss no escape, Mayor!" Dr. Viper said.

Manx hid behind Callie as the duo backed away from the buzzing insect. Callie fumbled in her purse. Her hand searched for the SWAT Kats communicator.

"The mosquito's paralyzing fluid will render you helplesss!" Viper said as the mosquito shot a spray of gloppy fluid toward Manx and Callie, driving them backward.

Covered with glop, Manx and Callie fell to the ground, their arms and legs starting to contort, locking up.

"Can't... move..." Manx wheezed.

As her fingers twitched into immobility, Callie managed to hit the red button on the SWAT Kats communicator.


T-Bone wearily emerged from the Reflex Room door, Razor following, yawning.

"Four out of seven, buddy?" T-Bone asked hopefully.

Razor yawned again. "Aw, c'mon, T-Bone! We've been at this all night..."

They suddenly heard the SWAT Kats alarm. The duo reacted to the blinking red light on the wall nearby. They exchanged glances.

"Callie's in trouble!" they cried in unison.

They raced off.


Back in the top secret lab, Dr. Viper was mixing up some chemicals at his lab table.

"This new batch of Viper Mutagen will be ready shortly," he said, looking to the separate honeycomb wasp nest cells, where the paralyzed Manx, Zyme and Callie were imprisoned, "and then you three will be like me!"

He gave an evil laugh.

Outside, the Turbokat, in hover mode, landed on the building's roof. In the street below, the manhole cover Viper emerged from earlier rose up as Feral, holding a flashlight, peered out.

"Well, well," he observed, "Megakat Biochemical. So this is where the slime trail ends!"

Up on the roof, the Turbokat sat with its cockpit open. T-Bone and Razor moved toward a large ventilation unit. Razor looked at his wrist monitor, which was beeping, and saw a schematic of the building with a blinking red dot for Callie's location.

"Callie's signal is coming from the fifteenth floor," he said.

T-Bone ripped the ventilation cover off and looked in. "This ventilation shaft should get us there pronto."

Feral and his two men, including Sergeant Talon, had their weapons drawn as they rode the elevator. They cocked them. Emil was also present and looked on nervously.

"Be ready for anything, men!" Feral told Talon and the other Enforcer.

As the elevator doors opened, Feral and his men emerged just as the SWAT Kats crashed out of a wall vent, Glovatrixes drawn. They landed with a thud. The two groups reacted to each other.

"What are you clowns doing here?" Feral cried.

Suddenly they heard buzzing. Everyone whirled. A group of giant mosquitoes buzzed toward them, spraying paralyzing glop. The SWAT Kats dove out of the way... just in time. Feral blasted with his weapon, just as he and his Enforcers got slimed! They were driven backwards. A frantic Emil, still in the elevator, pushed the button and the door closed... just as a mosquito proboscis jammed between the doors and splatted him.

Feral went into twitching paralysis, dropping his weapon. "Can't move!"

The SWAT Kats ran around a corner just as a paralyzing spray splatted the wall where they were.

"If that bug crud hits us, we're goners!" Razor said.

He jumped and flipped to avoid the spray and pointed his Multi-Turboblade Launcher upward to fire. The mosquitoes were stilling coming, spraying, as the Turboblades cut a big hole in the ceiling. The huge piece fell onto the flying bugs, splatting them.

T-Bone grinned. "Better than a flyswatter!"

Suddenly the due reacted to louder buzzing as a swarm of giant black wasps zoomed toward them. Sharp stingers were launched.

"Got anything to handle wasps?!" Razor cried.

"Yeah! Our Delta Bak Paks!" said T-Bone.

They snapped out their Glovatrix shields as several stingers stuck into them. More stingers flew in to impale the walls, ceiling and floor, as the SWAT Kats ducked and dodged down the hallway. The SWAT Kats crashed out of an upper window, their Bak Paks igniting and whooshing them off. The black wasps zoomed out after them in formation.

In the top secret lab, Viper poured some more bubbling chemicals into his flask, the terrified Manx and worried Callie watching him.. "Sssounds like my mutant forces are bussssy," he said. "But no matter! My work here isss almossst done!"

The SWAT Kats swooped and dove between buildings in the skies over Megakat City as wasp stingers whooshed at them, crashing through windows. The wasps, moving toward the SWAT Kats, launched more stingers. The stingers thumped into the Bak Paks, fuel starting to leak. The duo reacted.

"Crud!" cried T-Bone. "Our fuel lines are hit!"

Razor looked at the fuel gauge on his flight suit. It was registering a drop in fuel. "We've gotta do something fast!" He pointed ahead toward the Megakat Refinery. "I've got a plan! Head for the refinery!"

The SWAT Kats zoomed toward the refinery, with the wasps zooming behind.

"I don't those overgrown wasps are gonna let us stop for a fillup, buddy!" T-Bone said.

"Just follow my lead, T-Bone!" Razor reassured him.

As the SWAT Kats zoomed between the tanks of the refinery, the wasp stingers whooshed in and punctured the tanks. Gas sprayed out as the SWAT Kats zoomed off. They turned in midair, eyesights moving up from their Bak Paks. The duo sighted through them as missile launchers whirred up from the Bak Paks.

"This oughta take the sting outta their tails!" Razor said, aiming.The wasps approached between the two leaking tanks. They launched  abarrage of stingers. "Launch Mini-Match Head Missiles!"

The Mini-Match Head Missiles whooshed from the Bak Paks, igniting as they zoomed toward the wasps. The missiles reached the gas-soaked wasps and there was a huge explosion. Wasps and refinery tanks went up with a ka-boom!

"Bingo!" cried Razor.

Back at Megakat Biochemical Labs, Viper approached Callie's cell with a flask full of Viper Mutagen. "Ladiesss firssst."

Suddenly there was a loud crash as Viper whirled. His tail whipped around. The SWAT Kats crashed through the wall of the lab, Glovatrixes pointed. Viper's tail whizzed in and knocked Razor's feet out from under him. He slammed into T-Bone. "Ooof!" they both cried.

"You're too late, SSSWAT Katsss!" Viper hissed, grabbing Callie in his tail grip, tilting the flask of glop.

T-Bone, sprawled on the floor, reacted with a yell. "Nooooo!" He fired off the Turbo-Boomerang. It whooshed past the cell, knocking off part of the honeycomb and Manx's toupee, then knocked the flask of mutagen out of Viper's claws. The flask crashed against the wall.

Viper angrily tossed Callie away and charged towards the SWAT Kats, claws waving. "I'll teach you fools to meddle with Dr. Viper!"

The SWAT Kats dramatically pointed their Glovatrixes and fired twin Mini-Octopus Missiles at Viper. The missiles opened and smashed him backwards with such force that Viper crashes through the wall. Daylight flooded the lab. "Yaaaah!" Viper screamed, echoing. There was a distant crash.

The SWAT Kats peered out of the hole. Callie joined them, moving a little stiffly. Down below, the scattered wreckage of the missile was near the open manhole cover, but all they saw of Viper was his tail disappearing down the hole.

"You haven't ssseen the lassst of Dr. Viper!" his voice vowed from inside the sewer.

Callie rubbed her stiff arms.

"Are you okay, Ms. Briggs?" T-Bone asked.

"Fine," said Callie. "Thanks to you."

"Hey, T-Bone..." Razor said from nearby. T-Bone turned. With a big grin, Razor held up the Turbo-Boomerang... and Manx's toupee. "At least your aim is improving!:

A miffed Mayor Manx walked over stiffly to grab his toupee, slapping it back on his head, crooked.

The End.