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Abbey Normal's Reading - PART 2 of 2.
What I FELT during her actual Spirit Reading.
Video: https://youtu.be/uct-iDS8q3c

Many may not be ready for some aspects of truth which Abbey Normal gives - but there is SO MUCH wisdom which is still EXTREMELY ACCESSIBLE and so - I encourage everyone to check her out. She is definitely The REAL DEAL as an energy worker and psychic. I have shared my preparation, but now I want to share what I FELT during that reading.

There I was - at Mount St. Benedict - it is no coincidence that the church there is called ABBEY CHURCH. I sat looking over the city and staring at the sky while listening to Abbey's reading she had done for me. The SUN was rising. I opened my mind and my heart to RECEIVE and received MUCH MORE than I ever could have dreamed Energetically and also Wisdom wise - PRACTICALLY for the progression of my Life.

TO FEEL THE STATE OF LOVE is much more powerful than studying it. Yes there is a place for study, but I have allowed that to not only overshadow but also REPRESS my OWN ability to EXPERIENCE my enlightenment, my DRAGON and Pure Human - my YIN AND YANG - my HAPPINESS in BALANCE. Abbey has given me the KEY. The Key which I have spent my whole life searching for and studying yet never TRULY understood it was WITHIN ME. I could never have given myself THE PERMISSION to ACCEPT the downloads of Infinite Joy and Wisdom without understanding that I DESERVE IT and it is NOT a huge effort that I have to work for but rather a STATE OF BEING that I can ALLOW.

I have based my happiness on my outside success whether it be success in the worldly world or even success at my own personal projects. NOW I STAND CLEAR of that Negative way of life. I DO have goals. I DO have DREAMS but I am not a SLAVE to them anymore. And WHO I AM matters more even than these THINGS! Do you know how suicidal I have been all my life as I have viewed my only reason for living being to accomplish these goals? The KEY which I have received is one I must stop UNDERESTIMATING. The Wisdom of HAPPINESS and the joy of SHINING your LIGHT is far beyond any other achievement and I am actually led to believe that it is THIS wisdom that really PUSHES US FORWARD in life so we never fall into depression and THIS allows us to accomplish great big beautiful goals which most cannot even IMAGINE possible.

To SIT and to SHINE is a BIG DEAL. Abbey is not putting us on when she says it is. I FELT IT while sitting there and feeling the SUN shining on my face brilliantly - not asking for me to give ANYTHING in return and completely unobstructed by anything I could do or say. That masculine energy of the SUN - GIVING LOVE - and BEING in a state of Love is like a Dragon breathing FIRE and opening its wings - FLYING. I need to FLY. I need my WINGS - I need this KEY! I need to really FEEL what it is like to be FERTILIZED by the WISDOM of the UNIVERSE. The GIFT that is contained in that is BEYOND WORDS! Beyond any text book. I have literally consumed HUNDREDS of books in my desparate search for this fertilization which Abbey speaks of. I have literally fallen into DEEP depressions because of this LACK OF BLISS in my life. Why? Because I underestimated the simplicity of it! My EGO has disrespected it and I must NEVER again let that happen!

Abbey speaks of the DRAGON in me and it is no joke that we have PAST LIVES in which we incarnated as creatures of MANY types. You may or may not resonate with this but I certainly do as dragons are a thing I used to love to draw as a child naturally and I have always loved the Mortal Kombat dragon. You can see this dragon as your EMPOWERED self - your otherworldly self - that soars high and opens its wings in VICTORY over all that is ILLUSION. I have been afraid to embrace this beautiful DARK nature and embarrassed to showcase it in the world thinking it was egotistic! It is not egotistic to be Powerful. It is not egotistic to have an opinion and stick to it - to agree to disagree with others and to ALIGN with a mission! I have spent my life being hard when I should have been soft/gentle and being soft when I should have been hard. I have been afraid to speak up for myself and tried to trick myself into thinking that means I was being "spiritual". I have filled my life with hundreds of To-Do Lists which yes, had some positive effect on me working efficiently BUT it had in its EXTREMENESS, the effect of DISTRACTING me from my BLISS! This SHOULD have been my PRIORITY but it was not even ON the damn list! HAH!

To be a walking textbook of the religions and politics can be beautiful ONLY if it is put WAY below the PRIORITY of actually LIVING in the STATE of SPIRITUAL CONNECTION because in that state one can ACHIEVE true power such as the understanding that 'ALL IS WELL' - That is only 3 damn words yet it is the most powerful thing I have ever experienced WHILE I was listening to Abbey give her reading here. Sure, I heard that statement and said it to myself many times before BUT - I NEVER experienced this before in this way to this degree! The STATE of it allows me now to STOP being so SAD when I lack money! To STOP being so depressed when I feel alone in this worldly world. To STILL BE MY BEST SELF even in situations which I did not totally PREPARE for! To embrace a NATURAL way of Life with natural BLISS that does NOT depend on how much I achieve OUTSIDE but rather, what is achieved WITHIN! THIS is what gives us the energy to EXPRESS and MANIFEST outside anyway! MY, how I had everything mixed up before! My, how I suffered!

I want everyone to know how much I cried and cried because of the BEAUTY of this reading and furthermore, what Abbey wrote personally to me. It is not mere kindness but giving of Truth that most are not able to SEE. I honor her very much! I didnt let her know ANYTHING about my To-DO lists or my endless studies always pinning for Truth. I never let her know about that 'dead' void - place of NO BLISS which I have felt SO MUCH in my life of intense study.

Now I feel free in the NOW. I have never lived in the now because it is uncomfortable for me. It is never GOOD ENOUGH because I have never FELT good enough. I have said MANY affirmations which I am VERY proud of because they ARE materializing what I want in my life, BUT - I have NEVER EVER EVER had the guts to say "I AM WISE". I couldnt even say it when Abbey wanted me to. That is to show you how much I have given away my power to others. I have gone from one holy man to the next - looking for a master to serve - and yes it is GREAT to seek, find and learn from Teachers - but to then demolish one's own power in that journey is NEGATIVE and defeats the purpose of seeking Truth in the first place doesnt it!? I can HONOR others without DISHONORING my Self. THIS is the Key which Abbey has given to me now - THIS means having healthy boundaries even with those people whom I absolutely worship because of their LOVE not just for humanity but personally for me. wow! In the NOW, to actually EXPERIENCE that you and God are ONE - and you are INFINITE and WISE is so empowering I had to cry tears of joy just at the THOUGHT of it! Why?

Because now I dont have to think I am BROKEN! I dont have to think something is so WRONG with me! (This is why I made that song 'What's Wrong With Me') I dont have to GO MAD in my journey to improve my life because that improvement is no longer to get AWAY from who I am in the NOW - but rather, a further REVEALING of who I am RIGHT NOW! RIGHT NOW - I may not have certain things - yet I AM WISE - I HAVE enlightenment already and it's just to take it step by step to uncover it. DO you realize how much more GENTLE and FLOWING that is as compared to the way I used to live before!? Do you realize I dont need to entertain feelings of INADEQUACY because what I WANT is ALREADY THERE!? OH MY GOD. I have been a SLAVE to my Past and even to the future life I want to build because I could never LOVE ME RIGHT NOW. This is so important! Lord, Let me FLY like the DRAGON I KNOW I AM!

Abbey discussed how I FELT LOST in the WORLD and she is SO SPOT ON. Let me explain that I now see how my RELATIONSHIP with this world was SO negative. I would love the world and FEEL the world (society) but also be pulled down by them. I am not saying I am some high and mighty person above them but I AM saying that I allowed myself to be pulled down by their often times NEGATIVE VIEWS and negative energies. I felt their pain to the point of once again, giving up my power and DOING the same drugs they did. I have felt myself as the rapist as well as the raped victim and instead of TRANSCENDING those roles, I festered in the tragedy. We are not meant to do that my brothers and sisters! Yes we must be empaths but we must ALSO SHINE boldly. Look at how BRAVE Abbey is to do what she does. I have had to really RE-THINK what it means to be 'Bold' and 'Brave' thanks to her and it has improved my life!

I felt myself THERE with Abbey as she spoke. There was even a part where I physically said "Help me" to which she replied in the video "You are asking me to help you". The way she explained me laying down is exactly how I sleep - with my hands crossed like that (Like Dracula lol) - The fact she mentioned the wisdom being that of BALANCE of Masculine and Feminine is no mere coincidental point... It is EXACTLY what I WANT - I want that divine BALANCE. I want to be surrendered/soft but also bold/with healthy boundaries. I was always studying it but its time to LIVE IT! As she mentioned the Sun shining on our face, the sun ROSE up and shone right on me, as clouds parted. As I said, she is Real. Authentic. Love. I might know how to speak about Bravery but now it is time to BE BRAVE and I want ALL who read this to take that journey on! What else have we in this life anyway!?
Abbey has known that I held great respect for the Sexual Energy and I feel it is BY FAR the most misunderstood energy ever. EVEN MY OWN MIND has not been able to accept it in my life. I have blocked it and repressed it since I was a tiny child. When my beloved close soul connection (known to some as my 'Twin Flame') woke it up within me - I ran as far away from it as possible even though it was HEALING and EMPOWERING. I am so grateful to Abbey as a teacher because now I can really UNDERSTAND it and appreciate it as a TRUE download of wisdom. Makes SO much sense!

There is a language. A language of LOVE. It transcends words - it is seen in a person's ENERGY. It is the Soul. It is in the EYES. I am now learning to ACCEPT this into my life and it FEELS SO GOOD I have to cry. What a GIFT! I need to re-watch this video many times over to really GET the most from it - But so much has been received. As Abbey said here - 'Spirituality is about accessing the heart which allows you to be YOURSELF' All we want to be in this world is our TRUE SELF. That is ALL I REALLY WANT. Yes there needs to be time for transformation and I must be patient. But overthinking will only distance us from this STATE. It is a state moreso than a Goal. Abbey has shown me the Door and given me the Key. Now, it is up to me to carry out the action of USING THE KEY and opening that door - THAT PORTAL to a higher wisdom which is simply a higher way of life! - REGARDLESS of what anyone thinks or how it looks to society.

Dear reader! Please check out Abbey Normal and please believe in YOURSELF. Abbey told me that trusting my INTUITION - my NATURAL instinct would let my power flow SO much and she is SO right. I have made a PROMISE to my SOUL that I will do this NOW! And it is CLEARING my life of all the rubbish I put in. Blessings to you FOREVER!

Bryan Dass.