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This is a list of Rules:
Build Rules:
Build Rule #1: No spam, that includes 1x1x5, 1x1F, 1x1, baseplate stacking.
Build Rule #2: Buildings that are box shaped, have few or no windows and/or 1 or no door will be deleted. (A simple roof fixes this)
Build Rule #3: Do not use a lot of bricks (at least 35 bricks) to make a wall.
Build Rule #4: Tiles are okay, but has to be at least 16x16.
Build Rule #5: Non-Admins may not have a infoblock (excluding the ATM brick) in there builds(This includes, bank bricks, police bricks, jail spawns ect.).
Build Rule #6: Builds may not have kill events, they may have events that remove damage over time but the victim must have time to escape.
Build Rule #7: All vehicles must be under a covered room or on a driveway, vehicles may not be on the roof of your house.
Build Rule #8: Elevators may only consist of 5-6 floors. This is to prevent event spamming.
Build Rule #9: Inactive builds (builds that hasn't been used for over a week) will be deleted. (unless you leave us a note about your inactivity)
Build Rule #10: Builds must be in grid with every build.
Build Rule #11: No everhanging bricks into other lot areas.
Build Rule #12: No excessive lights or emitters, emmiters that lead into other lot areas.

Industrial Rules:
Industrial Rule #1: ALL Industrial lots MUST be in the industrial zone (it cannot be in the city/town limits), these lots are not refundable. (Red ownership name == Industrial lot)
Industrial Rule #2: It has to be a industrial looking like building/facility.

Server rules:
Server Rule #1: You must follow all directions what an admin enforces you to do.
Server Rule #2: Respect ALL players/admins in the server (And I'm serious about this rule).
Server Rule #3: Do not shoot/kill/bother admins when they are busy assisting a player or he is improving the server (which he will be building).
Server Rule #4: It is OK to jail admins no matter what, but however server rule #3 is enforced.
Server Rule #5: Any sort of drama WILL BE taken seriously, so don't start any non-sense.
Server Rule #6: An Admin can enforce build rules at ANY time. So always check to make sure your build compiles with the building rules. Illegal builds will be deleted. If the person is a 3rd time offender they may be banned.
Server Rule #7: Be courteous to other players about their builds, and no yelling and argueing with people whatsoever.
Server Rule #8: No spawnkilling/jailing, mass killing sprees, and baiting whatsoever.

NOTE: Keep in mind that just because that its not in the rules, if you think that it will get you banned, don't even bother do it at all. Use common sense.