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+All characters
-Highres renders implemented (Versus screen, win screen) - due to time constraints, only part of them was remade from scratch, others are rescaled (will be remade in future versions)
-New blood system added (based on PhoboSS blood system), with alternative blood colors implemented 
-Blood color on cyborg and Noob Saibot bodyparts fixed
-Electric sounds now play during cyborg dizzy animations
-"Breaker" words now are displayed correctly from Player 2 side
-Undead Breaker now cannot be performed on opponent who is already in "Finish Him/Her" dizzy state
-Hard Fall system: When character is ground bounced, he can cancel the bounce by holding "Down", this causes him to crash into ground losing 10% of life and ends the bounce
-Duration of "Finish Him/Her" dizzy state is now shorter (like in UMK3)
-Fatality system now recognizes if opponent lacks fatality reaction sprites required, in which case character will perform a generic fatality instead.
-After performed Fatality, win screen & winquote will not appear
-Fatality reaction added: Deep Freeze
-Fatality reaction bugs fixed: Decap
-Brutalities disabled
-Honor Groove: Can select MK2 mode (for MK2 characters, Sonya, Kano, Sub-Zero) by pressing "Down" during intro (pressing "Up" switches back into default Honor groove)
-Honor Groove: Kombat Kode 161 is no longer a requirement for MK2 mode, and has no effects aside of showing message.
-Honor Groove: Karma Factor now has cooldown (which is twice longer than last use of move, meaning the charged version results in longer cooldown)

+Updated character: Baraka
-Fixed buggy palette sprites
-Winpose now has sparks on blades added
-Blade Slice now has pushback if used in corner
-Chop Chop Blades/Chop Chop Rush recoded and sounds updated. Chop Chop Blades knocks down in corner but knocks back outside corner, which allows for some combo possibilities.
-Blade Spin (Awakening groove) now moves Baraka backward after being repeated two or more times in a row during combo (to prevent corner infinites)
-New special move: Scrape Kick (juggles on hit, causes stumble on block, leaves Baraka laying on the ground after being performed). Sprites by Undertaker.
-NEw EX move: Metalbend Kick (adds an extra overhead kick in beginning, and second hit has more range). Sprites by me & Undertaker.

+Updated character: Brother of Shadow
-Now has green blood type
-Fixed the sweep reaction animation

+Updated character: Chameleon
-Now has green blood type
-Added hitspark on freeze
-Lizard Lightning now has a short cooldown even it it misses or gets blocked
-Ninja Sword autocombo loop now stops after being blocked
-UMK3 groove special moves were recoded 
_Void Release is Ermac's fireball (can hold LP of initial command to make it go through/past opponent) with Rain's lightning summoned at fireball's location by additional LP press 
_Heat Transfer is a combination of Scorpion's and Smoke's teleport punches (has cooldown after being used in a combo)
_Cold Approach is a combination of Sub-Zero's slide, Reptile's elbow dash (triggered if slide hits) and Noob Saibot's teleport slam (triggered if elbow dash hits)
-Winquotes now use a hidden message font

+Updated character: Cyrax
-Now has black blood type
-Updated blurry sprites on grab / air grab
-Fixed Awakening groove winpose bugs

+Updated character: Ermac
-Now has soul blood type
-Reverted his stance to UMK3 one
-Fixed some AI bugs
-Added missing juggle combo from UMK3 (HP,HP,<+LP,v,>,LP)
-Restored his classic fireball for UMK3 groove
-Disabled aerial Hado-Energy in Awakening groove (too spammable and ruined balance, but can still access it out of Mystic Float)
-Disabled Axe Slam attack for now
-Telekinetic Push now uses <,>,HP command
-EX version of Teleport Punch was remade, and uses extra hit for wall bounce. Effects in case of being blocked were disabled.
-Both normal and EX version of Mystic Float now use MKD-style animation, and the old animation is now only used in Mystic Float after EX Telekinetic Toss
-Super now ends in ground bounce

+Updated character: Jarek
-EX version of Shoulder Ram updated (ends in Lasso Snatch now), has invincibility frames removed and 1-hit armor added instead.

+Updated character: Jax
-Fixed bug with AI using Single Missile in Honor groove
-Fixed bug with wrong stance during enemy's Harakiri
-Now uses cybernetic arm sounds at all times in Awakening groove
-Awakening groove movelist was remade (uses MK2 stance, removed Sonic Waves, old dormant, power breakers, and Boosted Arm super; Machine Gun became his current dormant power)
-Dash Punch trail fixed (now corresponds to current palette of Jax)
-All versions of Ground Pound now deal same (and heightened compared to before) damage of 300 pts
-Head Clamp renamed to Head Basher
-Blinding Light is used as EX version now (an overhead with bigger hitbox and 300 pts damage, also causes stagger & fall on block, and juggles airborne opponents)
-New special move: Overhead Smash (can jump over projectiles, overhead, ground bounces). Sprites by Carz
-NEw EX move: Leaden Smash (adds second hit with wall bounce effect, and has 1-hit armor). Sprites by Carz
-Disabled the incomplete Slice'em Up fatality

+Updated character: Kabal
-Winpose now has updated sparks on hookswords
-Repeats of <+LP with his back in corner now have limit of hits, after which they are redirected into Chest Strikes
-EX Rollblade bugs fixed
-EX Dash has invincibility frames removed and 1-hit armor added instead.
-New special move: Reverse Gear (a fast backdash) replaces Speedway Cut
-Speedway Cut, Reverse Dash, Reverse Flash are now available as Dormants only
-Super move is now useable against airborne or spinned opponent as well

+Updated character: Kano
-Added his UMK3 combos (HP,HP,LP and HP,HP,v+LP,v+HP; both juggle)
-His super now has invincibility frames removed and superarmor added instead.
-Fixed bug with extra winpose sounds appearing after heart rip fatal
-Fixed bug with secret winpose interfering with heart rip winpose

+Updated character: Kitana
-Updated commands of 3rd fatality and friendship (with HP instead of LP), as to not intersect with Fan Toss special move command

+Updated character: Kung Lao
-Fixed typos in some combos
-Now can control hat in Hat Decapitation fatality
-Tornado fatality disabled

+Updated character: Liu Kang
-Fixed bugs in fatality reaction animations
-Fireballs now have transparency, new hitsound and smoke effect added
-EX Flying Kick has new hitsound and smoke effect added
-Now can use super after Dragon's Tail moves as well

+Updated character: Nightwolf
-Afterimage effects now have colors corresponding to Nightwolf's palettes (since 4th, 5th and 6th palette use teal energy instead of green)
-Murder Wing has invincibility frames removed and 1-hit armor added instead.
-New EX Move: Tomahawk Bash (causes ground bounce)
-Spirit Tunnel EX move was removed

+Updated character: Noob Saibot
-Now has black blood type
-UMK3 groove now needs jabs in order to execute Shadow Toss/Teleport Grab loops, otherwise cooldown of moves wont allow it

+Updated character: Raiden
-Fixed ownpal bugs on teleports
-Fixed Shocking Touch bugs
-Fixed blocked Torpedo bugs
-Shocker now deals 380 pts of damage instead of 240
-EX version of Torpedo has invincibility frames removed and 1-hit armor added instead.

+Updated character: Rain
-Lightning now has a short cooldown even it it misses or gets blocked
-Cloud Burster kicks now have 1-hit armor

+Updated character: Reiko
-Throne in his super was redrawn, which also shortened width of throne and its hitbox

+Updated character: Reptile
-Now has green blood type
-New render added (by me & Undertaker)
-Fixed bug with CPU Reptile being able to use fast forceball in Honor groove
-Intro animation & voice clips updated
-Added new extra normals (sprites by Bleed)
-Slide Kick removed from Awakening groove (instead uses Super Crawl / EX Crawl)
-EX Dash Palm now ends in uppercut type attack instead of causing wall bounce
-Ability to cancel connected attack into aerial acid spit moved to dormants

+Updated character: Scorpion
-New render added
-Costume updated
-3 new palettes added
-Intro updated (now is MK9-like, and "Vengeance will be Mine" became one of random quotes used during it) (sprites based on Bleed's)
-New extra normals added (sprites based on Bleed's)
-HP,HP combo starter uses axe in UMK3 groove and punches in Awakening groove
-New combo (HP-HP-HP) added, ending with fiery uppercut that knocks opponent away
-K,LK,LP,HK combo now leads in Somersault Kick instead of Backflip Kick
-EX combos disabled
-ground Spear now have limiter which activates after 2nd combo hit, afterwards then 2nd time Spear is used, Scorpion will automatically throw speared opponent, ending the combo
-EX ground Spear has invincibility frames removed and 1-hit armor added instead.
-aerial Spear has bugs against blocking opponent fixed
-Teleport Punch and Flying Punch each can be used once per combo
-EX version of Teleport Punch now ends in fiery uppercut that knocks opponent away; can be used multiple times per combo
-EX version of Flying Punch now ends in a second punch; can be used multiple times per combo
-Fixed the "punishment mode" animation after Teleport Punch/Flying Punch gets blocked
-Backflip Kick has added range and correct MKDA-like arch, it also deals less damage (160 pts), and can be repeated in a combo (yet repeats cause opponent to fall faster, failing at juggling him)
-EX Backflip Kick too deals less damage now
-Leg Takedown added to Awakening Groove. As it leaves Scorpion laying on the ground, can use rolls afterwards
-New EX move: Leg Takeout (has 1-hit superarmor, longer range, and a trail, but deals same damage as Leg Takedown)
-New special move: Inner Flames (sets himself on fire, can prolong by holding LK, cannot hit crouching opponents, immune to everything except projectiles & crouching attacks) 
(sprites based on Bleed's)
-New EX move: Purgatorial Flames (infinite upward range, in beginning immune to everything except projectiles & crouching attacks, soon after gains full invincibility)
-New special move: Spinning Agony (a ground bounce airthrow useable in moment Scorpion returns after Purgatorial Flames; becomes unblockable if Scorpion connected with Phantom Strikes attack before)
-New super added: Scorpion's Sting (hits overhead)  (sprites based on Bleed's)
-Previous dormants were removed
-Fire Breath became a dormant power. It can be prolonged by holding LP button, doing so will drain the super gauge. The move ends when: blocked / button is released / super gauge energy ends 
-Hell on Earth became a dormant super, available in air only, and its graphics were updated
-Can activate one of four submodes during intro by pressing one of four directions; each of these disables three of following movelist items: Sword attacks, Inner Flames, Air Spear, Backflip Kick
and increases damage of remaining item; other things affected are the kanji displayed during intro, and the winquote
-Toasty fatality bugs fixed
-New Harakiri added
-Mercy is now necessary to perform his Animality

+Updated character: Sektor
-Now has black blood type
-Updated sprites/animation of crosshair on Homing Missile

+Updated character: Shang Tsung
-Fixed bug with AI using Soul Steal outside of Awakening groove
-Fixed bug with certain morph attacks reviving opponent after Finish Him
-Fixed bug with flying souls being visible after performing stage fatalities (now they scatter right away)
-Fixed end position of souls in Soul Stomp fatality; now they gather in his arm properly

+Updated character: Shao Kahn
-Fixed bugs with Hammer Tip; this move now has 1-hit armor
-Fixed bug with Hammer Smash dealing block damage multiple times against crouching opponent
-Fixed upward air kick animation

+Updated character: Shinnok
-Fixed few AI bugs
-Fixed bug that made him unable to perform Dead Pool stage fatality
-Automatic death sequence disabled, and added as his Harakiri
-Characters now can perform finishing moves against Shinnok

+Updated character: Smoke (human)
-Now has smoke blood type
-Portrait updated
-Fall from sky animation updated (used in Shake/Vibration/Phase Downward, and super)
-Fixed part of super that often missed the opponent

+Updated character: Smoke (cyber)
-Now has black blood type
-End of The World fatality sprites (Earth in space, explosion) were updated

+Updated character: Sonya
-Fixed bug with fireball aura
-Fixed bug with Kiss effect disappearing right after hit

+Updated character: Sub-Zero (classic)
-New render added (by me & Undertaker)
-Music Theme updated
-Ice Vapor effect around him now appears in Awakening groove only
-in Awakening Groove, Icicle commands were changed to Down-Forward-LP and Freeze commands to Back-Down-Forward-LP
-EX version of Freeze changed to Ice Beam; Deep Freeze special move was removed
-chance of arm pain effect occuring during Freeze/Ice Shaker/Ice Nugget/Ice Puddle moves (and EX versions) is now inversely proportional to amount of Sub-Zero's life
-Kori Blade moves were disabled
-Added hitspark on freezing moves
-Added Ice Clone transparency
-Added Ice Puddle glow
-Fixed sparks on Honor groove Slide Kick
-Fixed Ice Shaker freeze bug
-During Cold Darkness mode, arm pain effect is disabled
-During Cold Darkness mode, not only his life is drained, but he can also restore his life while hitting opponent with own attacks
-Ice Stalagmite and Spine Rip fatality commands changed to "v,>,>,>,HP" and "v,v,v,>,HP" respectively
-Ice Stalagmite fatality, sprpriority glitch fixed
-New fatality: Deep Freeze / Ice Shatter

+Updated character: Sub-Zero (cyber)
-Now has cryo blood type
-Ice Vapor effect around him now appears in Awakening groove only
-Added hitspark on freeze & bombs
-Fixed ice bomb comboability problems
-Added trail effect on slide kicks
-Added Ice Clone transparency
-Upgraded super with new sounds and last hit animation (last hit also does more damage now)
-Fixed bug where some hits of super failed to connect against crouching enemy
-Previous dormants were removed
-New dormant power: Mists of Taiheng (freezing breath, can be prolonged by holding button)
-New dormant power: Shuri Cannon (can correct angle and speed of shot using arrows while holding button, performs the shot when button is released)
-New fatality: Cold Fusion
-New fatality: Dimensional Crusher

+New Character: Sub-Zero unmasked (fully updated, new animations/sounds/moves etc, credit for some of the sprites used goes to Bleed, PhoboSS, and Undertaker)

+New Character: Stryker (fully updated, new animations/sounds/moves etc, credit for some of the sprites used goes to sannamy and Undertaker)

+New arena: Netherealm - Shinnok's Spire 2nd Floor -MKA- (by Undertaker & stopmotiontoys)
+New arena: Earthrealm - Lin Kuei Temple -MKDA (by Undertaker & stopmotiontoys)
+Returned following arenas: Graveyard, Street, Bridge, Bank, Rooftop, Waterfront, Balcony, Kahn's Cave (carpet on Bank stage is by Vis)
+Updated arena: Earthrealm - House of Pekara -MKDA- (arena remade by me, Undertaker & stopmotiontoys)
+Updated arena: Outworld - Drum Arena -MKDA- (sky updated)
+Updated arena: Outworld - Shang Tsung's Palace -MKDA- (glow updated)
+Updated arena: Void - Nexus -MKD- (arena remade by me, Undertaker & stopmotiontoys)
-Removed arenas: Shirai Ryu Temple, Zhu Zin Marketplace, Trading Post, Celestial Portal, Nethership, Pit II Day, Lumber Mill, Shao Kahn's Fortress, Citadel of Elder Gods (need reworking)
+Added music: BSH_MKDA_Lin_Kuei_Temple.mp3