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Welcome to the pastebin of YorkTown95's CRP server guidelines, these guidelines will have the Miscellaneous, Server Rules and Building rules.
1. If a player disconnects to avoid being jailed, you are allowed to jail them next time they spawn. (However if a player is caught doing this multiple times will result in a ban if warranted.)
2. Getting damaged from a vehicle explosion doesn't give anybody demerits. If a vehicle is on fire, run.
3. It's impossible to pickpocket in an admin lot.
4. Harboring criminals will allow an admin to give you 400 demerits.
5. An Admin or Moderator has the right to alert players in the server if they're flagging builds with a red sign to enforce building rules.
6. An Admin or Moderator can ban you (any unlisted reason) as long as they are reasonable.
7. Any threats or any similar scenarios will result in an indefinite ban.
8. Do not criticize the staff publicly in the server, send a private message to YorkTown95 to discuss those manners in private. As it is grounds for a possible mute / ban.
9. Last of all, use common sense. If you think if its against the rules (EG: Cheating / Exploiting) don't do it, as it will result in an indefinite ban.

Server Rules:
1. No spamming chat or excessive caps.
2. No abusing bugs (Cheating / Exploiting). Report all bugs to Jasa or YorkTown95.
3. No spamming or abusing to lag or break the server.
4. Be respectful to all players, all unneeded drama and fights will be removed.
5. No spawn killing or spawn jailing.
6. No ghostkilling or ghost jailing, unless they leave and reconnected into the server to avoid going to jail.
7. No baiting. This includes walking infront of tools or infront of cars.
8. No being annoying. Rapid hammering, wanding, etc.
9. No leaving the city limits to avoid getting jailed.
10. No scamming of any sort. Scamming will result an admin to remove the stolen funds from you to the vicitm.
11. No trust abuse, this means having full trust and breaking into their safe without permission.
12. No multiclienting or alting, this means having a different BL_ID to take unfair advantage.

Building Rules:
1. All lots are required to be in line of a 16x16 grid, out of line lots will be removed.
2. Buildings/Houses are to be kept inside of the city limits.
3. Work In Progress lots can't be inactive for more than 4 days.
4. Finished lots can't be inactive for more than 8 days.
5. No box builds (or Boxxy Builds). A sloped roof does not count.
6. No spammy bricks. this includes excessive 1x1x5 walls, 2x1 brick walls, etc..
7. No excessive emmiters or lights. You are only allowed 4 lights per 32x32 area (EG: Medium lot).
8. No abusive, spammy, or laggy events. Abusable events will result in an indefinite ban.
9. No lot reserving. If you buy a lot, build on it as soon as you can, otherwise it will be removed.
10. Vehicles are only allowed in the first floor of the surface, No vehicle spawns on roofs unless it is a flying vehicle.
11. All Industrial lots are required to be in the Industrial acres, at no point they're not allowed in the downtown/residential area.
12. Hotels/Apartments/Condos are only allowed to be on an residential lot.

Appealing a ban information:
If you've been banned off from the server and wish to appeal your ban, You will have to contact one of your choosing admins sending a PM on the Blockland Forums, it is either YorkTown95, Swat725, or Jasa (Now keep in mind if you've been banned by one of these admins, you cannot send a private message to that admin that banned you, and you cannot contact a moderator to appeal your ban, as they've been instructed to ban malicious clients off from the server and cannot unban people from the server.). Now what you will provide in the "reason" section is why you were banned, and what you will do differently in the future, please provide every detail that you can think of to get an idea why you want to be unbanned, and not criticize the banning moderator, talk about your own story. Here is your format we're expecting from your part:

Title: (yournamehere)'s Ban Appeal

And for your description, you will need to fill in the following format (Feel free to copy this but DO NOT COPY THIS):

In-game Name: 

Failure of providing these fields, your appeal will be automatically denied. Now you will have only one chance to appeal your ban, if you blow off your appeal, send a threat to either one of us OR abusing the appeal system (Contacting a different admin after the first admin you contacted made his decision.) your appeal will be automatically denied and if warranted prior not having an indefinite ban making a threat, your ban will be set to indefinte (IE: Permanently banned from the server) with no chance to appeal anymore, no exceptions!