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The Pretty Things - Emotions (Mono) [A Prof. Stoned Rip]
24bit/96kHz High Resolution FLAC

01. Death Of A Socialite
02. Children
03. The Sun
04. There Will Never Be Another Day
05. House Of Ten
06. Out In The Night
07. One Long Glance
08. Growing In My Mind
09. Photographer
10. Bright Lights Of The City
11. Tripping
12. My Time

All Tracks in Mono 



- Emotions (LP, Album, Mono) Fontana TL 5425 UK 1967 (EX-)


Vinyl Recorded & Mastered using:

- Technics 1210mk2 
- Jelco SA-750D Tonearm
- Audio Technica AT33PTG MC 
- Pro-Ject Tube Box SE-2 (using a matched pair of Genalex Gold Lion tubes)
- RME ADI-2 A/D Interface @ 24/96
- Audition 3.0/5.0 (editing, manual clean up)
- Click Repair 3.9.9 (light automatic click setting)

All mono recordings mastered from a single stereo channel (no L+R folding) except Tr 06, 11-12 folded L50/R50.

Transfer & Restoration by Prof. Stoned



Here's a review of this album I just found on Discogs: 

"As much as I like the Pretty Things, It should be noted that this release "Emotions" really sucks balls. It's completely timid and utterly shite!! easily qualifies as their worst early LP. I mean yeah sure if you spot one for �5 then yeah obviously grab it and flip it. But don't spend much more or you're bound to feel a bit chaffed once you've had a listen. "

This made me laugh because it sums up my initial emotions towards this album quite accurately (pun intended). Closer inspection has since taught me that it contains two excellent tracks (Tr. 01 & 08), a few decent ones and -yes- some filler. But let's face it, the first two albums on Fontana are actually not that consistent in quality either. 'Emotions' clearly was a contractual fulfillment and very much a production of its time (though it does capture the spirit of Swingin' London circa 1966 in a charming way). Considering this is the same band that produced the majestic "S.F. Sorrow" only one ample year later still kind of blows my mind, but there you go. 

This mono mix has never been reissued and is ever so slightly better than the stereo, mainly because it does not have that distracting wide separation. Transferred from a very nice sounding copy.

P.S. (April 2020)