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The Rolling Stones � Brown Sugar/Wild Horses (Hot Rocks Mispressing) [Prof. Stoned 2020]
24bit/96kHz High Resolution FLAC

01. Brown Sugar
02. Wild Horses

All Tracks in Stereo



- Hot Rocks 1964-1971 (2xLP, Comp, Mispress, Shelley) London Records 2PS 606/7 US 1971 M-


Vinyl Recorded & Mastered using:

- Technics 1210mk2 
- Jelco SA-750D Tonearm
- Audio Technica AT33PTG MC 
- Pro-Ject Tube Box SE-2 (using a matched pair of Genalex Gold Lion tubes)
- RME ADI-2 A/D Interface @ 24/96
- Audition 3.0/5.0 (editing, manual clean up)
- Click Repair 3.9.9 (light automatic click setting)
- Cubase 5 
- Universal Audio Precision Bundle @ 24/96
- PMC IB2s Monitors 
- Yamaha NS-10 Monitors
- Acoustically treated environment 

Transfer & Restoration by Prof. Stoned



These are rough mixes of the basic tracks of the released versions (i.e. various overdubs that were added later are not heard here). They first appeared in the 1970 documentary Gimme Shelter. My best guess is these mixes were made after the sessions in Muscle Shoals in late 1969 and pressed to acetate for reviewing purposes. Allen Klein probably owned a copy of one of these acetates and handled it it over for use on a compilation album London was about to release, incase the Stones weren't gonna give up the finished masters. Klein had negotationed to share the rights to these two tracks with the Stones as part of a settlement between the two parties. So, when Hot Rocks came out in December 1971, some pressing contained the rough mixes by mistake. This pressing was quickly corrected and the tracks were never released in this form again.  

P.S. (June 2020)