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Jimi Hendrix Experience - The Complete BBC Radio Sessions 1967 ...and more! [A Prof. Stoned Comp 2020]
16bit/44.1khz CD Quality

00. Hey Joe
00. Rock Me Baby (incomplete)

Recorded: BBC Broadcasting House, Studio S2, London, UK; Monday 30 January 1967
Broadcast: BBC Radio 'Pop North'; 9 February 1967 


01. 'A Brand New Sound' [Interview]
02. Hey Joe
03. Stone Free
04. Love or Confusion
05. Foxey Lady (take 1, incomplete)
06. Foxey Lady (take 2)

Recorded: BBC Broadcasting House, London, UK; Monday 13 February 1967
Broadcast: BBC Radio 'Saturday Club'; 18 February 1967
Host: Brian Matthew
Producer: Bill Bebb


07. Killing Floor
08. Fire
09. 'Electronic Excitement' 
10. Purple Haze

Recorded: BBC Broadcasting House, London, UK; Tuesday 28 March 1967 
Broadcast: BBC Radio 'Top Gear'; 1 April 1967
Host: Brian Matthew
Producer: Bill Bebb


11. 'Introducing the Experience' [Interview]
12. Burning of the Midnight Lamp
13. Hound Dog
14. Little Miss Lover
15. Catfish Blues
16. Driving South (take 1)
17. Driving South (take 2)
18. Jammin
19. I Was Made to Love Her
20. Ain't To Proud To Beg

NB: Tr. 18-20 features Jimi, Noel & Stevie Wonder on drums (and faint vocals). The first take of Driving South is slightly edited. The complete version only exists as a poor off-air recording.

Recorded: BBC Playhouse Theatre, London, UK; Friday 6 October 1967
Broadcast: BBC Radio 'Top Gear'; 15 October 1967
Producer: Bernie Andrews
Engineer: Pete Ritzema


21. 'Alexis Korner Introduction'
22. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?
23. 'Rhythm and Blues World Service'
24. (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man
25. 'Traveling with the Experience'
26. Driving South

Recorded: BBC Aeolian Hall, Studio 2, London, UK; Tuesday 17 October 1967
Broadcast: BBC World Service 'Rhythm And Blues'; 13 November 1967
Host: Alexis Korner
Producer: Jeff Griffin


27. Radio One
28. 'Interview with Tony Hall'
29. Spanish Castle Magic
30. Wait Until Tomorrow
31. Day Tripper
32. Hear My Train A Comin (take 1)
33. Hear My Train A Comin (take 2)

Recorded: BBC Playhouse Theatre, London, UK; Friday 15 December 1967
Broadcast: BBC Radio 'Top Gear'; 24 December 1967
Producer: Bernie Andrews
Engineer: Pete Ritzema



The BBC have licensed their Hendrix recordings for two official releases: "Radio One" (1988) & "BBC Sessions" (1998). In both instances, 2nd generation tapes were mistakenly sent and used, probably because the BBC has them on file as the master recordings. These tape dubs were made back in the day and were subjected to heavy processing which included EQ, compression, stereo re-channeling and sometimes reverb. As a result, they have obvious lesser fidelity. However, the original mono tapes of all radio sessions (or at least quality copies thereof) still exist and were used for two early 90s BBC radio specials. The producer of these shows, Richard Skinner, has been the only one so far who cared enough to dig a little deeper in the vaults and he played nearly all material in uninterrupted form on his shows, which has allowed fans to hear the real deal on two rare Westwood 2CDs.

So thanks to Mr. Skinner, this compilation rectifies the tape source problem for the most part and also restores the sessions in nearly uncut form. Plus, you get to hear the complete Stevie Wonder jam and a 6-minute interview. Nearly all tracks here are sourced from a digital clone or a transcription disc that was derived from the 1st generation mono mastertapes*. The only sources I'd say are sonically compromised would be Tr. 26 & 33 which come from the processed 2nd generation tapes (the latter with additional reverb) and the January 1967 session which was not archived by the BBC; it survives only as a partial but not completely awful off-air recording.

I have carefully remastered every track in my mastering studio. Considering these are direct-to-mono recordings, it's no surprise the instrumental and tonal balances are often uneven and some work to make them shine is definitely required.

[* The whereabouts of Tr. 10 & 27 are actually unknown, but they seem to be copies of the unprocessed 1st generation tapes. Tr. 27 does not have the EQ/compression/reverb that can be heard on the 2nd generation source and Tr. 10 actually sounds slightly better than a verified 1st generation source on the 1991 Westwood 2CD, which has slightly lesser quality overall than the 1992 WW set.]

Audio Sources Supplied & Research by JWB
More research & Mastering: PS



- Hendrix At "The Beeb" (2�CD, Comp, Transcription) Westwood One Radio Network � Show# 92-48 USA 1992 > all tracks minus the following:
- BBC Classic Tracks (2�CD, Comp, Transcription) Westwood One, USA 1991 > 06,16
- BBC Radio (2xCDR, Comp) For Trade Only FTO 008-009 2004 > Tr. 10,11,27,28
- BBC DAT Masters (2xCDR) no label - 2007 > Tr. 25,26,33
- 'off-air radio recording on reel to reel found at car boot sale' > Tr. 00
- various BBC Transcriptions (used to fill out intro's/outro's)


***Bonus Material***


34. Manic Depression

1967-04-17 'Late Night Line Up'- BBC TV, London, UK

35. 'Intro by Simon Dee with false start'
36. Burning Of The Midnight Lamp [live vocal over pre-recorded backing track]

1967-08-24 'Top of the Pops' BBC TV, Lime Grove Studios, London, UK

Taken from the EH 2010 "BBC Sessions". Tr. 34 is from 2nd generation tape, while Tr. 35/36 appears to be an off-air recording. I only remastered the latter from this section because it sounds particularly harsh and distorted on the official release. 


37. 'Introduction #1'
38. Foxy Lady
39. 'Introduction #2'
40. Catfish Blues
41. Purple Haze

1967-11-10, 'Hoepla' (TV Show), Vitus Studio, Bussum, Netherlands
Producer: Wim van der Linden
Engineer: Adrie Ottenvanger
Host: Roselie Peters

A clean mono soundboard recording that is somewhat overlooked. Tr. 38+40 have been sourced from the 1992 Univibes Fanclub release "Calling Long Distance", which despite its bootleggy content was sanctioned by Alan Douglas. All the rest comes from the bootleg "Live In Europe '66-'70" (2010, CD). Everything has been restored and remastered for optimal coherence. Catfish Blues has also been officially released on the 1994 album 'Blues' but appears in better quality here. Three takes of Purple Haze were attempted. This version is made up from the freak-out intro of take 1 (after which it breaks down) and the majority of take 3 but with a 30 fragment from take 2 which is absent on the former. Take 2 was broadcast at the time, while take 3 was intended for a future broadcast that never happened. Sadly, the film footage was wiped and no copy of it has survived.