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Another person who never should have started a go fund me. The comments are gold...

short version- "We are nice people and God fearing so please help us get $15k so we can keep a sports car that we cannot afford on our own or our dog will die."

My husband, Andy, is Honda enthusiast and had had several Honda Civics. One of which, he gave to his son. 
About a 3 an half years ago, we got word that the Civic Type R would finally become available to buy in the US. It had been in Europe for some time and he had followed the evolution of the car for years. 
We had a small home and good jobs at the time that we were able to finance a new Civic Type R. Andy was helping his youngest daughter and her husband with a place to live until they were able to get a home of their very own. We didn't want them to HAVE to rent if it was avoidable and we had 2 other rooms. We helped them simply because we were in a position to do so. 
When we were deciding if we were able finance this expensive car, things would need to be adjusted. I agreed to take a little more financial responsibility and his daughter agreed to continue to save money to secure her own financial future with her new husband. This would ensure that when the time came for her to live her life, she and her family could remain self sufficient. 
What we didn't expect, was being homeless for a short time while trying to sell our home. Around Christmas time we had discovered that the house was costing us so much more than we could afford due to its septic system being old. We were first time buyers so this information had eluded us. During the buying and selling process, we were forced out of our home early because of a technicality. Our family was forced to live with friends and other family. We were separated and without a home. It was the worst feeling. I don't wish it on anyone. 
Today, Andy's daughter and her husband are happy and on their own. We have our lovely new home and thank the good Lord above every day for it. I have had a small promotion to a position in IT but I am in training. I have been reliant on my bonuses up till now. With the restructer and my base pay, I am loosing money. Andy is getting less and less hours at work. He can not get another job and I have tried. 
We find ourselves in the difficult position of having to choose. Do we keep the car, sell the house and get an apartment? Do we keep the car and make the payments late until the car is repossessed and destroy his credit? Or, do we sell the car and give our dog up. If I need to take him to work at 5 am i will not be able to return home to tend to our little dog before I need to go back to Fort Myers. We both work in Fort Myers and live in Cape Coral. 
We have reached out to the public in a humble and grateful maner to ask for your help. We are both hard working, God fearing people. We ask for any donation to help up get to refinance Andy's car. We don't feel that it would be right to ask for help to pay it off entirely. We just need to get back to "comfortable". We can't do that without your help.