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Friday the 13th, to put it lightly, was an utter casualty. Wrong place, wrong time seemed to be the situation I had, once again, managed to get myself in to. Life consisted of these clumsy misfortunes, but this… really is the cherry on top.

The days grew longer, nights turned in to days. I just couldn't handle it. Pressure. Distress. I knew I had to come forward… but I promised, even my darling mother said to never break a promise, it just wasn't an option.
Every time my pained bloodshot eyes closed, even just briefly, the events hammer me like a truck... I recall it just like yesterday, standing there as the knife casually pierced her skin, how she trembled in fear and just like a feather, BOOM, straight to the floor within a flash. I felt sick. Deep wine-red blood, circulating her fragile body, and just like that, the poor girl met her sorrow end. I just want it to stop! The paranoia eating me up every hour, minute even seconds. What do I do?

Days passed, the tears staining my miserable face. I knew I was a witness, but IT will find out who snitched. I really don't want them... UGH! I don't even know who they are, nevertheless they have full control over my life, just like smartphone, one singular click of a button and I'm done for... But stupid old me! making promises with the devil. I knew they were observing my every move, I could sense it.

The voices in my god forsaken foolish mind grew thunderous... Oh GOD! Just stop! as I clawed at my withered skin, desperate to escape this horrific life I had created for myself. It was just too much. "Weak" "Idiotic" ran through my veins, faster than blood. I craved freedom, it was like water to me... I was desperate. I knew what I had to do, regardless of the promise. 

Today was the day... today I break the "promise". No more lies. No more secrets.

It all began on Friday the 13th...