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It was freshman year of high school, a CO-ED physical education (PE) class meaning it was for both boys and girls, a couple of weeks in the semester. We have to change into sports wear as it's part of our grade. 
As I was changing, I noticed a couple of girls bullying this much smaller girl. They were calling her names, body shaming her and ultimately they tore up her gym clothes and got them drenched in water from the showers.
I couldn't stand by; I had to defend this girl from being bullied. So me, being the giant 6'3 female that I am, went over and told them off. They tried retaliating; they even tried to shove me back and jerk me around but I certainly didn't tolerate that, so I pushed one of them onto the ground. She got up, and went away with a scuff along with the rest of her clique; but not before drenching my casual clothes into the shower as well.
I went to the girl and got her name; her name is Olivia. Olivia really appreciated me for standing up to those girls for her, but there was a problem afoot; she had no gym clothing.
She didn't want to go out there with no clothes obviously, but she also didn't want to go out there without her gym clothes, as she was very scholarly and didn't want to deflate her grade. Her parents were unavailable to bring her new clothes, and there was no teachers or other facility around to help. So I did whatever any other  6'3 giant female would do; I gave her my clothes. Of course, they didn't probably fit her but it worked.

But there I was, a 6'3 giant female strolling across the gymnasium. As said before, it was CO-ED PE, so guys were there to stare and holler, girls were criticizing and body shaming me as I walked by. 
I felt so uncomfortable and my embarrassment was quite transparent, but I also felt kind of proud. My guy friend gave me his jacket to wear at least until I make it to the office to call my parents. Also, I made a new friend. Her name is Olivia, and we been best friends for about 6 years now.