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My eyes felt as though they were glued shut. My ears where ringing with the sound of children laughing, my heart was racing as if I was running a thousand miles. 

In that moment, the sheer embarrassment of what had happened still hadn’t crossed my mind. I was in a type of shell shock, frozen still by my own mind as it imprisoned my body from movement. 

I began to lower my hands down my body as they become unstuck. My hands feel against my clothes as if they were stitched to them. That’s when I felt it. This wasn’t a dream. 

I then opened my eyelids slowly as if I had never seen before, looking down at the pond that lingered around the crotch of my pants in disbelief.

As soon as I saw the wet patch my mind was like an alarm in the mornings however, instead of screaming wake up... it screamed run. 

They say the first day of school is always the hardest. I completely agree.