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This is a weird post but I have to do it. Whoever spotted my Raptor yesterday, please don't ever touch anyone's car. Writing things with your finger in dirt scratches the paint. Also, just don't touch anyone's car. Thanks
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1. Fan of your channel
2. Loosen up a bit
3. Someone tried to show you love in a different way. Take it as it is. Not everything needs to be offensive
4. Another human being’s gratitude is much more important than a lousy scratch in the paint
5. Don’t be weird about things you possess
6. Cars are life but imagine you delivering the message in a different tone and imagine the impact that would have on also the person who left the message for you.
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I understand what you are saying, but the tone is not cool.
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Lol drives a pickup truck covered in dirt... Bothered by a fan writing on it cause of micro scratches. If you don't want to mico scratches clean your truck. This is ridiculous. Get a wrap or something and appreciate your fans.
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It’s a pickup ??????? chill
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This irony right cuz leaving messages like does not scratch your car ... wtf ? I think you got a bit overly offended for nothing might as well don’t have fans this is crazy that [email protected] this offensive base upon what is on the comments what in the actual fAk !
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How can someone be a fan of the show and a so called car enthusiast and be this dumb? So not cool! It’s 2019. Snap a pic and tag in an Instagram post. SMH ???????
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Wow some people here have some pretty rotten attitudes. Jakub was actually very polite with his request, and his request for fans not to touch his car really isn’t unreasonable at all. Just be respectful of other people’s property, it shouldn’t even have to be said.
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Some of these comments confirm my reasoning for wrapping my next car in xpel... God, you people are despicable for defending a guy that caused property damage to someone's car.. Fame is irrelevant
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This post is fucning stupid and makes me want to unfollow , be thankful of a kind gesture that a fan did!
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Wow, I would’ve just left a note under the wiper. Or just tagged you in a post. But then again I’m all the way down in Arizona so I’ll probably never spot you guys lol
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Wow I actually can't believe how many of these replies are defending the person. Just dont fucking touch someone elses car? Is it that hard?
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The people saying get over it are the reason why Matt Farah turned his comments off
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I think sometimes ignorance is our worst enemy, I'd like to think that this person didn't really know how bad could it be for the paint. Also believe that you could have at least said, hey thanks for being a fan but did you know that this could scratch the car?
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Bit of an over reaction.. that probably isn’t even deep enough in the clear coat. Just use a polish and boom it’s gone. The truck probably already has enough swirls anyways, it will be barley noticeable. They were just tryna show you love.
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Cars are a temporary vessel that transport us from one location to another. Fans are forever, until you smite them from recognizing you.
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This is the exact tone that made me fall out of love with watching your videos. There’s a constant condescending tone coming from you dude. Trucks get scratched. Some people don’t know things. We all love some aspect of cars though and should respect one another.
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I think it’s at least a little cool lol you’ve got fans
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Really dude? You can't be pissed about this - bad take man
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350xxx km and the only scratches are from someone's fingers!
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Yupp. Just don't touch other people's stuff. 
I would be pissed too. Doesn't matter the price. Take a flippin photo, but don't touch it.
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I have done this in the past, but never thought about the dirt ruining the paint... Maybe the person who did this never thought about that either. Learn something new everyday. On another note it’s awesome you have fans that support your business and recognize you.
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You want and try so hard to be famous, but don’t like the bullshit it brings. Tap out, get a real job.
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That’s rude! My family used to go to car shows and we would always cringe when someone would put their hands all over the cars. Learn some manners folks!! Keep your hands to yourself!
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It was probably Drake
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I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree. It’s not cool. Maybe on the window would have been cool, but on the paint is NOT cool. And No one has the right to tell you to “chill” or “it comes with fame”... sorry. But shut up. Just because you know someone’s name and face doesn’t give you the right to violate someone’s standards. I’m not even “famous” and it annoys me how people feel entitled to you. Ugh.
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Respect people's property, jeeze I can't believe this has to be said...
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If this person ABSOLUTELY had to write something on your car in dirt, why not write on the window? Don’t blame you for being upset - that shit would get me heated
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A fan saw your car and just wrote your name on your car? Am I missing something? Did he engrave it with his key? Instead of critiquing his behaviour this should’ve made you happy imo. Also really didn’t expect this kind of tone from such a friendly person ??
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I’ll be Sweden on this 1. We all follow this guy we all know how much love and effort he puts into it such as general maintenance, GAS, and keeping it clean and nice he cares about his property and doesn’t want anything to happen to it and he is well in his rights to say things like please don’t touch my truck because he doesn’t want it damaged. 2. Yes the message was very forward and a little passive aggressive so anyway you read it’s just gonna sound rude and like he’s an asshole ( I’m sure he’s not I’m fan of their content I’m just saying this how it could be received) and the fan just may not know about paint protection and how this could hurt cars. I love cars but I don’t know anything about paint some people just don’t it happens that was this person honest mistake. 3. Stoping acting like children saying this person needs to go die or hurtful shit like that it’s an honest mistake it’s not the end of the world.
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But then "straight pipes" will be written (scratched) on forever!!! ???????
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I find it hard to believe that anybody would find this appropriate to do. First of all, they didn’t even have any conclusive evidence it was your truck (hence the question mark). That basically punts the “fan love” defenses right out the door. Some random person would have had some jerk scratching their truck for no reason if they were wrong. Even if they knew it was you, there are boundaries. Celebrities, presenters, etc. have a right to a personal life. Leave a note under the wiper is even pushing that limit. Secondly - doing something like this is completely unacceptable in any sense of common courtesy and etiquette and very likely the law. Funny enough, they just ruled yesterday that putting a chalk mark on your tire when parking is a violation of our constitutional rights in the USA. No touching without a warrant is the court ruling. Don’t touch without consent. Good rule for ALL situations. 
Road dirt is very different settling on the surface rather than being ground in. Just because something is not spotless does not permit this behavior. 
Finally, I feel your tone and wording were pointed and appropriate for the situation.
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Shmee150 welcomes this when fans do it on his supercars and you're getting offended when someone does it on your $20k truck. I love the channel but please loosen up.
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That prolly didn’t even scratch it lol
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This is awful! Must not be a car person.
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Not cool
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I agree. Would you just walk up to someone’s baby and touch it? Same thing.
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How does it scratch? Its a finger not a claw
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Has Pulp Fiction not taught us anything? Dont fuck with another mans vehicle!
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THANK YOU. People need to learn to respect other’s property. If it’s not yours don’t touch it!! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people leaning against my car and I almost end up in prison ??
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Wtf is wrong with people...?????
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I’d feel the same way, only car people get it I guess
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100% NOT cool. Writing on someones car with your finger is an asshole thing to do.
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Happened when I had my motorcycle; people sitting on it and taking pictures... Just for people who don't know, don't ever do that. It ain't yours. It is a truck but when I got mine for a few months I was babying it... Until I used it as a truck. Sorry to hear Jacob, you'll be able to fix it though! Oh and you guys are on fire! Love all your videos
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Couldn’t agree more. Sorry, but those that don’t see the problem with this are the problem.
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I would have lost my mind! I had freshly detailed my gloss black A4 and there was dust on the trunk lid, went to Walmart on James snow and someone ran their hands across the top of my trunk and it put scratches on the whole thing. This is just blatant disrespect. This person obviously has no love for cars.
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I’ve seen it happen once. The outline of what they wrote was still there after washing the car.
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Also super creepy
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Well said! Being famous shouldn't include this ?? I don't question the intention of the fan here, but there are less invasive ways of showing love.
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