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Pink Floyd - At Pompeii [Prof Stoned 2020]
24bit/96kHz High Resolution FLAC

01. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 
02. A Saucerful Of Secrets
03. One Of These Days
04. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
05. Echoes

Bonus (16/44.1 only):
06. Careful With That Axe, Eugene (alt. take)
07. Mademoiselle Nobs
08. Film Intro

Recorded Live to 8-Track and filmed in the Roman Amphitheatre in Pompeii, 4-7 October 1971
Additional recordings made at Studio Europasonor, Paris, 13–20 December 1971

Recording Engineers: Charles Rauchet & Peter Watts
Mixing Engineers: Andy Jackson & Damon Iddins (2016) except 07-08: Paul Berthault
Mastering: Andy Jackson
Remastering: PS (sourced from blue-ray version of the film)

v1.0: 20-05-2020
v1.1: 18-06-2020 (same as v1 but Tr. 2 extended with 2,5 minutes of audio from CD version which is missing on blu-ray)



I've been wanting a to do a version of this awesome document for ages, since I find none of the released versions sonically satisfying. I decided to use the 2016 remix as my source rather than the original stereo mix. The original mix simply wasn't very well done and has always lacked fidelity. It served us well as an accompanying soundtrack to the amazing footage but as stand-alone audio document it's just not doing the performance enough justice. The newly done mix from 2016 was disappointing at first listen. It's high-end is strong enough to kill an ant colony and seems to have quite noticeable phase issues. Still, I decided to try my hand at making it a more pleasant listen. It seems the shortcomings are as much in the recording as in the mix itself but after a thorough treatment with my trusted mastering suite, the end result is much better than I initially thought it could be. It's actually damn close to being the brilliant live-album that everybody always knew it could have been.

For completeness sake, I added the three bonus tracks. The last two are taken from the Harvested RevB which in turn was taken from the Laserdisc edition from the 90s.

As for the music, this is simply the defining moment of Pink Floyd as a unit. Everything the band had worked so hard for after Syd's unfortunate demise was paying off in this very moment. It's not unlike The Who's Live at Leeds; the band simply rose above themselves. However, it comes with the added bonus that the concert was staged & filmed with the most incredible scenery. If you want to convince a noob what the fuss with Pink Floyd is all about, this document would probably be one of your best picks.