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He’s standing in shadow his eyes are burning brightly
He’s set in his motion, tandem with everything
I feel him like fire, the lion I admire
Lieutenant Desire

His stance is wide
This dance is mine
He rocks in time
You too, are mine
Move up, let go, let your heart show

Nowhere to hide, the conqueror decides, but
Don’t panic, I won’t panic, don’t panic..

Oh, Napoleon can I touch your hair
Oh, Napoleon I cannot help but stare
Oh, Napoleon I’d really love to try
Oh, Napoleon to look you in the eye, you’re just my type of guy

He sees you, you chose him
He chose you, now you’re frozen
Set fire by his motion

No longer divided, conqueror decided
This time you know, he won’t let you go...

Oh, Napoleon galloping chords
Oh, Napoleon cut like a sword
Oh, Napoleon battalion of mind
Oh, Napoleon moves in time
Oh, Napoleon now you can see
Oh, Napoleon why it would be
Oh, Napoleon the armies ride
Oh, Napoleon to his stride, in perfect time