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My Dad has Dementia and has not driven for years. It's almost impossible to have a conversation with him. He snuck away and walked over to Toyota of North Hollywood. They had him put every penny he had (11,000) down on a lease and his payment is 600 a month. I had my friend go in with the same credit and had him and pretend to lease the same truck. They told him $2000 down and $299 a month. The general manager was rude as you could possibly be and told me if your father has good credit and $ we don't care what is going on with him. This is elderly abuse at it's worst. Shame on Toyota of North Hollywood.

We have spoken with our customers family regarding the purchase of his Tacoma and have canceled the contract and fully refunded the customer. Our team was not aware the customer had dementia. As soon as our management team became aware of the situation our GM immediately contacted the customers family to rectify the situation and make it right. This is not how we want to do business. We apologize to the family and community. We also apologize for any and all concerns this may have caused.