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Everstart Automotive Battery Limited Warranty 

Walmart warrants to you, the original purchaser. that your Everstart® automotive battery is free from defects in materials or workmanship, under normal installation. use. and service, during the warranty period as provided below. Any Everstart® automotive battery that fails to hold a charge or fails a load test due to a manufacturing defect is covered by this warranty. 

Non-automotive batteries are covered by Walmart's general return policy, but not this warranty. BATTERY REPLACEMENT The warranty for your new EverstarUChampion automotive battery consists of a Free Replacement and in some cases a Pro-Rata period with durations as specified on the warranty sticker located on the battery and/or validated from the UPC at the register.

 • Effective Friday April 12, 2013. All EverStan Maxx and Champion level batteries offer a 5 Year Warranty Program: Previous purchases arc being grandfathered into this warranty, offering it to all customers who have purchased a Man or Champion battery, even if it was purchased before April 12th 2013.

 • if your battery tests defective within the Free Replacement Period, we will exchange your battery for a comparable new one at no charge. All replacement batteries provided during the Free Replacement Period carry the remainder of the original warranty period dating from your initial date of purchase or 90 days. whichever is longer. 
• If your battery tests defective within the "Pro-Rata Replacement". we will multiply the percentage of MONTHS REMAINING times the CURRENT RETAIL PRICE to determine the refund to be applied towards the purchase of a replacement battery.
 • Example: A battery with a 60 month warranty period fails after 36 months (which is after the Free Replacement Period but within the Pro-Rata Replacement Period), and the customer chooses to replace it with a battery which costs $35.86. 36/60 x $35.86 (current retail price) = $2152 (price of new battery). 
• All replacement batteries sold during the Pro-Rata replacement period include the full warranty period from the purchase date of the discounted replacement battery'. 


 • The warranty period on your Everstart® automotive battery begins on the initial date of your purchase of a new battery. We will determine the date of purchase in the following order of priority, if and as available: (I) the unit specific tracking data on our automated purchase tracking system (serial number) (not applicable to batter-ies purchased before June 22.2009): (2) your sales receipt; (3) the punch-out dater on the battery case. If none of these dates arc available. the warranty is void. 

 • Non-automotive batteries.
 • Batteries with loose or damaged top posts
. • Batteries that were used contrary to vehicle manufacturer's specifications
. • Core charges by state or local government agencies.
 • Batteries that are discharged and test as "good".
 • Batteries that fail due to misapplication. improper installation• abuse, or misuse (including use in non-automotive applications).
 • Batteries that fail due to the failure of another part.
 • Batteries that have been frozen.
 • Batteries with over-torqued or melted side terminals.
 • Batteries missing or altered serial numbers or date codes.

 This warranty represents the total liability of Walmart for any bvcrSwrvK automotive battery. Walmart makes no other warranties, express or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability or Illness for a particular purpose. Further, Walmart will not be liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from the failure of any Everstarta battery.

 This warranty is in lieu of Walman's general return policy. EverStart Hotline 1-888-EVSTART (387-8278)