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This wheel pack features a variety of wheels including real-life stock wheels, lowrider wheels and racing wheels.
Once installed these wheels can be purchased at in-game tuning shops around San Andreas such as Wheel Arch Angels, Loco Low Co. and Transfender.

All wheels are SA:MP compatible and won't affect the handling of your car, just like SA's original custom wheels.

Here is a list of the wheels included and corresponding info:

wheel_sr2	Rimshine	Ronal Turbo
wheel_sr3	Mega		Ferrari Testarossa
wheel_sr4	Grove		Lamborghini Diablo
wheel_lr1	Classic		Dayton 100 Spoke (Silver)*
wheel_lr4	Wires		Dayton 100 Spoke (Gold)*
wheel_lr5	Trance		Texan Wire Wheels AKA Swangaz AKA 44s
wheel_gn1	Import		Advan Racing
wheel_gn2	Atomic		BBS RS
wheel_gn3	Ahab		Lamborghini Diablo SV
wheel_gn4	Virtual		AMG Monoblock
wheel_gn5	Access		American Racing

*The Dayton Wire Wheels actually have 36 spokes to keep poly count down and fit in with San Andreas graphics


Use any .img editor (e.g. IMGTool 2.0) to do the following:

1. Open gta3.img in GTA San Andreas\models
2. Delete the corresponding .dff models to be replaced (ones with the same filename as in the Wheelpack1 folder)
	- wheel_gn1.dff
	- wheel_gn2.dff
	- wheel_gn3.dff
	- wheel_gn4.dff
	- wheel_gn5.dff
	- wheel_lr1.dff
	- wheel_lr4.dff
	- wheel_lr5.dff
	- wheel_sr2.dff
	- wheel_sr3.dff
	- wheel_sr4.dff

3. Add all the files in the Wheelpack1 folder to gta3.img (INCLUDING epoxiwheels.txd)
4. Rebuild Archive
5. Delete veh_mods.ide in GTA San Andreas\data\maps\veh_mods
6. Replace veh_mods.ide with the copy included in this .zip
7. Enjoy!

SA:MP Instructions

To install this mod for SA:MP only, follow above instructions but for step 1 navigate to GTA San Andreas\SAMP\custom.img instead of gta3.img

Advanced Users

If you only want certain wheels from the pack you can only replace the corresponding .dffs (use the list above to help you).
You can also rename the files to replace other wheels if you prefer.

Please note: if you only choose certain wheels you cannot use the veh_mods.ide provided, you must manually edit the relevant lines using a text editor.

For example if you want to install only wheel_sr3.dff, then you must change the following line

1074, wheel_sr3, vehicle, 100, 2097152


1074, wheel_sr3, epoxiwheels, 100, 2097152

This tells SA to use the custom epoxiwheels.txd instead of vehicle.txd, if you do not follow this step correctly the wheels will appear white.