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Everyone Is a Little OCD

Don't tell me I'm cute
Don't tell me you love my quirk
Because for me it's not a quirk of character
I'm not some Hollywood actor
For me it's a daily battle
A struggle
A problem
An issue
When you sneeze you better use a damn tissue
And oh my god
Don't touch me
Your bacteria it's in the air
It's going to infect me
And then I'll die

You think it's sweet? Always
Checking, checking, double checking
Repeating, repeating, repeating,
Until it sounds right
There's a good chance it didn't sound right to me then
But there are certain times when
I just have to carry on
Cause I don't want anyone thinking this is just a carry on

Thinking, thinking, always thinking
Thoughts about the dead are always clouding my head
Thinking about you, thinking about me
Thinking about us acting innapropriately
The thoughts, they scare me
They make me feel sick
The way I can't get rid of them, the way that they stick

Now I'd just really like to thank the media
For being my biggest fans
I love the way they spread those lies
Like illness from hand to hand
It's so cute, such a fun disease
Hours spent cleaning on your knees

"You're really neat, how OCD!"
Sure you are darling, you're just like me
Me, meticulously organising and rearranging
Me, constantly upping and changing
Me, with my categorising and labelling
And I'm just not able to stop

My rhymes are getting sloppy now
And I'm sorry but it just makes me mad
The way that some people treat my illness
Like it's some quirky cool fad

So you really want to be OCD?
Nah, you don't, trust me
How'd you like
Keeping everything you've ever owned
Always checking your partner's phone
Can't wear green cause it's unlucky
Can't touch that because it's mucky
What if I hurt her? I don't want to but I could
Stop, just because I think it, doesn't mean I would

This is not a game, this is my reality
Please stop the lies, please stop offending me
It might be fun for you but you're not the one that's fighting
Read my lips, read my writing
These obessive compulsions do not define me
For I am not my illness, I am not OCD