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"A Lady With A Broken Heart"

When both of us know everything
When both of us ones shared a thing
You broke my heart in  corentin
You eat me like a broken thing

And now that we put out everything
You want to break it with no sin
You shook hands with everything
But fact is that your hate is tin
No matter how you shape the thing
To your hands it won't get in

We here now all stand within 
You can't do harm for not a thing
We will come outta as a pin
That will hold you as a din.

If some fall for you as a keen 
You can keep them in your bin
For not vain I broke my heart
But I am to blame not you to start.

You can set away from me , and I will hunt you down
For not am I  a broken thing , you just had broken my arm
For ones my broken heart will finally burn you down.