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Mark Ollig's "Bits & Bytes" columns since June 12, 2006

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Celebrating 10 years of ‘Bits & Bytes’, 6/13/16
Behind-the-scenes fun with Facebook Live: Part Two, 6/6/16
Behind-the-scenes fun with Facebook Live: Part One, 5/30/16
A 'GPS' for undersea vessels, 5/23/16
Sometimes technology gets it right, 5/16/16
US Navy launches autonomously-controlled ship, 5/9/16
Geneva hosts 'Exhibition of Inventions', 5/2/16
Solar-powered telegraphs during: 'The Carrington Event', 4/25/16
Facebook hosts F8 conference, 4/18/16
CEO answers questions about delivery drone, 4/11/16
First US community receives autonomous drone delivery, 4/4/16
Cuba and the Internet, 3/28/16
Appreciating memorable moments online, 3/21/16
'Shoebox-sized' satellites may provide free Internet, 3/14/16
Turks and Caicos Islands hold Internet Governance Workshop, 3/7/16
Barcelona hosts Mobile World Conference, 2/29/16
'Happy Unplug from Technology Day!', 2/22/16
Wolfram/Alphas's 'computational knowledge engine', 2/15/16
Earth-orbiting space debris surrounds us, 2/8/16
US Air Force: Cyberspace weapon system operational, 2/1/16
Twitter crashes: Sufficient online mayhem occurs, 1/25/16
Future 'Internet of Things' includes cognition, 1/18/16
2016 CES doesn't disappoint, 1/11/16
Looking back 100 years, 1/4/16
Thoughts about this past year, 12/27/15
'Are you really Santa Claus?', 12/21/15
'Popular Electronics' from December 1958, 12/14/15
Send your own spaceship to the moon, 12/7/15
US House: 'The Internet of cars', 11/30/15
The father of digital logic, 11/23/15
Could you give up using Facebook?, 11/16/15
Someone impersonated my Twitter account!, 11/09/15
Concern grows over vulnerability of undersea cables, 11/2/15
The Internet's first crash, 10/26/15
Smartphone shopping inside 'brick-and-mortar- stores, 10/19/15
Get your rover to the moon and collect $20 million, 10/12/15
Facebook crashes: Users flee to Twitter, 10/5/15
Collaboration over the 'Internet of Things', 9/28/15
AI and super-intelligent robots: A threat?, 9/21/15
Apple's 'jumbo-sized' iPad Pro, 9/14/15
'We'll send it via drone delivery', 9/7/15
NASA: Orion will take us to Mars, 8/31/15
Renowned Czech and Polish inventors, 8/24/15
Drones to provide Internet service, 8/17/15
Bumps in the road: A new source of energy, 8/10/15
Solar-generated power: All sunshine?, 8/3/15
Technology, scientists, and funding may find extraterrestrials, 7/26/15
FCC addresses US citizens traveling to Cuba, 7/20/15
Gigantic robots to battle one-on-one, 7/13/15
Early Bird still soars, 50 years later, 7/6/15
'Liftoff! We have a liftoff!', 6/29/15
My computer crashed; and so did I, 6/22/15
World Wide Developers Conference 2015, 6/15/15
Moms surveyed about kids and technology, 6/8/15
We've become immersed in technology, 6/1/15
Thanks Snoopy - are you still out there?, 5/25/15
IBM's first large-scale electronic computer, 5/18/15
Senior assistance via Apple iPads, 5/11/15
Gemini's onboard digital computer, 5/4/15
Real-time government website analytics, 4/27/15
Creating software to last 100 years, 4/20/15
When computers became 'personal', 4/13/15
M-commerce, smartphones, and a train, 4/06/15
A 'Super' White House Science Fair, 3/30/15
Communicating with computers, 3/23/15
Stratasys 3D Printer creates realistic dental models, 3/16/15
Barcelona hosts MWC 2015, 3/9/15
A YouTube for kids, 3/2/15
'Project Ara' moves forward, 2/23/15
Can a machine play chess?, 2/16/15
FCC redefines Internet broadband speeds, 2/9/15
Incredible inventions and bold predictions, 2/2/15
Noteworthy January patents, 1/26/15
Saving Earth's information, 1/19/15
Consumer Electronics Show 2015, 1/12/15
2015: We have arrived, 1/5/15
2014: Springboard into the future, 12/29/14
Santa is a 'high-tech' jolly old elf, 12/22/14
The Internet keeps us better informed, 12/14/15
She discovered the first computer 'bug', 12/8/14
Report states Internet use is up in world, 12/01/14
China's Silicon Valley Fair, 11/24/14
Futuristic predictions for 2064, 11/17/14
They're here: Autonomous retail service robots, 11/10/14
'Smartening up' submarine communication cables, 11/3/14
A mysterious, yellow electronic symbol, 10/27/14
Sign language performed by human-like Android, 10/20/14
Google Glass and smartphones: Invasion of privacy?, 10/06/14
LTE Direct: The digital sixth sense, 10/06/14
Diamonds may support Earth's space elevator, 9/29/14
Ant-sized chips may connect the 'Internet of Things', 9/22/14
Apple hosts its 'Special event', 9/15/14
The Woz may be right, 9/8/14
A rose by any other name(from Oct. 17, 2011), 9/1/14
'What's My Line?' lives online, 8/25/14
Sapphire display screens coming, 8/18/14
Taking a pill to learn Shakespeare, 8/11/14
Supporting our Internet freedom, 7/28/14
New object recognition technology is here, 7/21/14
Audible text via FingerReader, 7/14/14
Wearing a glove to learn skill sets, 7/7/14
The federal cloud computing plan, 6/30/14
Military GPS replacement technology, 6/23/14
From global to 'local' warming, 6/16/14
Apple's 25th developer conference, 6/9/14
2014 White House Science Fair, 6/2/14
Search engines: Information concerns, 5/26/14
The Internet's future, 5/19/14
Rooms immersed in SurroundWeb, 5/12/14
NETmundial 2014, 5/5/14
Space telescope will see 'MOIRE' of us, 4/28/14
Picturephone shown a half-century ago, 4/21/14
Stretchable electronic patches, 4/14/14
Transitioning the Internet to IPv6, 4/7/14
Kickstarter: A community funding new ideas, 3/31/14
Print and television sources still dominate, 3/24/14
Incredibly fast 5G approaching, 3/17/14
The Web celebrates a birthday, 3/10/14
Mobile technology highlights from Barcelona, 3/03/14
Information content from 'out of this world', 02/24/14
Meet ERWIN: The empathetic robot, 02/17/14
Online social media experiences, 02/10/14
RoboEarth: An Internet for robots, 02/03/14
Business needs to keep pace with growing online population, 01/27/14
Brightly streaking across the sky, 01/20/14
It's a yearly happening, 01/13/14
Holographic display technology 'floats', 01/06/14
As we leave 2013 behind us, 12/30/13
NORAD tracking the 'Big Red One', 12/23/13
Holiday message sent from outer space, 12/16/13
Global Internet, mobile-broadband numbers climbing, 12/09/13
Will 'Lego-like' smartphones catch on?, 12/02/13
Thankful for technology, too, 11/25/13
Newer cars vulnerable to hackers' 'mystery gadget', 11/18/13
The Internet: a venue for animal-human communication?, 11/11/13
Computer projected 1952 presidential winner, 11/04/13
Apple introduces brand-new smart devices, 10/28/13
A deep-sea Internet system, 10/21/13
Bite into this: A smart tooth, 10/14/13
YouTube's royalty-free soundtracks, 10/7/13
Pioneering computer and its programmers, 9/30/13
Going online using cellphones, 9/23/13
Newest Apple iPhones unveiled, 9/16/13
Bop: A pioneering smoke detector, 9/9/13
It's like driving an iPhone, 9/2/13
Where's our Jetson's trash-collecting robot?, 8/26/13
NASA to use 3D printer in space, 8/19/13
What is the Internet evolving into?, 8/12/13
Cerf: 'The Internet will not collapse, 8/5/13
Remy promises to speed up the Internet, 7/29/13
NASA close Windows on ISS, 7/22/13
Douglas Engelbart: A visionary ahead of his time, 7/15/13
Discovering your personal analytical profile, 7/8/13
Project Loon: Internet network in the sky, 7/1/13
Tianhe-2 is 'King of supercomputers', 6/24/13
Smart robotic toy cars and more at WWDC 2013, 6/17/13
Our curiosity about life on Mars, 6/10/13
A Mars visit via the Fitzgerald Theater, 6/3/13
First 'laptop' computer shown 30 years ago, 5/27/13
Future mobile communication devices, 5/20/13
Modern 'Mood Ring' sensing technology, 5/13/13
Will you wear Google Glass?, 5/06/13
IBM developing powerful solar parabolic dish, 4/29/13
Digital Public Library of America opens, 4/22/13
Futuristic self-building programmable materials, 4/15/13
First cellular telephone call made 40 years ago, 4/8/13
Internet's high-speed network replaced with dial-up modems, 4/1/13
US Internet-attached devices exceeds one-half billion, 3/25/13
The 'Granny Cloud' and SOLE encourage learning, 3/18/13
Learning via the hole-in-the-wall, 3/11/13
Corning's illustrious history with glass, 3/04/13
Next generation GPS satellites launching soon, 2/25/13
3D printers create unique items, 2/18/13
Nanotechnology: Let's get small, 2/11/13
Are we entering a technological singularity?, 2/4/13
DLD 2013: Cyber warfare and content distribution, 1/28/13
CES 2013: Technology for entertainment and health, 1/21/13
2013 CES showcase basks in technology, 1/14/13
Google doodles surprise and delight us, 1/07/13
Reflections from this past year, 12/31/12
IBM's futuristic predictions revealed, 12/24/12
We are immersed in online social media, 12/17/12
The remarkable SSD, 12/10/12
Industrial Internet' may be the third wave, 12/03/12
Titan the world's 'fastest supercomputer in existence', 11/26/12
Finding the 'physical' Internet, 11/19/12
In search of the Internet, 11/12/12
A look at past voting methods, 11/05/12
Apple shrinks the iPad, 10/29/12
Google's Zeitgeist 2012, 10/22/12
The next evolution in cloud computing: TransOS, 10/15/12
Japan's Consumer Electronics Show, 10/08/12
Storing information for millions of years, 10/01/12
Next-generation wireless will be called 'WiGig', 09/24/12
Web Index 2012 rankings released by its founder, 09/17/12
Movements in the air controls computer interaction, 09/10/12
A look at significant technological achievements, 09/03/12
Considering the greatest technological achievements, 08/27/12
NASA's most advanced planetary rover, 08/20/12
Apple co-founder's warning on cloud computing, 08/13/12
Top social media website rankings, 08/06/12
GPS system save time and frustration, 07/30/12
Kasparov plays historical chess program, 07/23/12
The Florida High Tech Corridor Council initiative, 07/16/12
I finally have a MacBook computer, 07/09/12
How many core processors are needed to recognize a cat?, 07/02/12
New surface tablets to compete with Apples iPad, 06/25/12
Apple keynote address doesn't disappoint, 06/18/12
Is Facebook becoming boring?, 06/11/12
Express yourself: Wear flexible, organic electronics, 06/04/12
IBM's predictions from 'five in five', 05/28/12
Telematics tracks motorists driving habits, 05/21/12
Our tweets are being archived, 05/14/12
Webby's awarded for Internet excellence, 05/07/12
Technology taken from the classroom to a C-130 Hercules, 04/30/12
Technology, content creators meet at NAB, 04/23/12
The next 'Fantastic Voyage' will send Cyberplasm, 04/16/12
New tablets and a 1994 video prediction, 04/09/12
Are our brains becoming technologically 're-wired?', 04/02/12
Gorilla Glass: The King Kong of display screens, 03/26/12
My quest for a new computing device, 03/19/12
The new iPad delivers impressive bells and whlstles, 03/12/12
Barcelona hosts 2012 Mobile World Congress, 03/05/12
Volunia vies to be the 'search engine of the future', 02/27/12
Launching signals from an aerosol spray can, 02/20/12
The allure of vintage British 'telephone boxes', 02/13/12
International conference confirms technology's direction, 02/06/12
Conference/expo was educational, entertaining, 01/30/12
2012 International Consumer Electronics Show breaks record, 01/23/12
2012 International CES hosted in Las Vegas, 01/16/12
'Star Trek' medical scanner soon to be reality, 01/09/12
Chocolate company's 1912 predictions for 2012, 01/02/12
Looking back at this year's highlights, 12/26/11
Yes Jessica, Santa Claus uses computers, 12/19/11
Teen's interactions using online social networking sites, 12/12/11
Google's dominance of online searches continues, 12/05/11
Tablet computing use is flourishing, 11/28/11
Medical robotic devices show great promise for society, 11/21/11
How many apps are on your mobile device?, 11/14/11
Microsoft's 'Kinect Effect' for real-world applications, 11/07/11
They could have owned the computer industry, 10/31/11
Licklider's vision: an 'Intergalactic' computer network, 10/24/11
Smell-O-Vision II: Coming soon to a nose near you, 10/17/11
Apple: No iPhone 5 - Hello iPhone 4S, 10/10/11
First artificial space satellite launched 54 years ago, 10/03/11
Microsoft shows developers Internet Explorer 10, 09/26/11
Microsoft reveals Windows 8, 09/19/11
IBM 'cognitive' computing chip emulates human brain, 09/12/11
Creating physical objects using 3D printer technology, 09/05/11
SPIDER technology on a chip will speed up the Internet, and more, 08/29/11
'Rock-like' optical disc will store digital data for 1,000 years, 08/22/11
Unique method to verify US population first used in 1890, 08/15/11
Robot is given the ability to apply 'acquired learning', 08/08/11
More adults are using online video-sharing sites, 08/01/11
China's Internet online population reaches 485 million, 07/25/11
Google+ bursts forth onto the online social networking scene, 07/18/11
China's improved version of 'big brother' fixes more eyes onto its citizens, 07/11/11
Apple's original computer's first public appearance, 07/04/11
Saving the past inside an Internet archived library, 06/27/11
Facebook still dominates – but sees its user traffic dropping, 06/20/11
Apple parts the iCloud, reveals the sunshine, 06/13/11
Apple Worldwide Developers Conference opens this week, 06/06/11
Tablet wars heating up with introduction of HP's TouchPad, 05/30/11
Are we now entering into the 'post-PC' era?, 05/23/11
'Carry anywhere' portable tablet computer envisioned years ago, 05/16/11
Integration within social media networks attracts potential customers, 05/02/11
Internet user trends are significantly changing, 04/25/11
Las Vegas hosts National Association of Broadcasters Show, 04/18/11
Commodore 64 is tanned, rested, and ready for a comeback, 04/11/11
Computing ingenuity led to the creation of 'XCoffee, 04/04/11
Minnesota Historical Society website rich in historical photo's, 03/28/11
First Twitter message was typed five years ago, 03/21/11
Early history of electronic video gaming still fascinates, 03/14/11
There is room for all of our data inside the cloud, 03/07/11
Mobile World Congress was a success in Barcelona, 02/28/11
Computer History Museum chronicles an incredible journey, 02/21/11
Mr. Watson, come here, play 'Jeopardy!', 02/07/11
Macworld 2011 'celebration' showcased new products, 01/31/11
Internet URL address-shortening services are useful, 01/24/11
CES 2011 does not disappoint its largest turnout, 01/17/11
44th Consumer Electronics Show takes place in Las Vegas, 01/10/11
Future technology predictions...from the past, 01/03/11
Google's Chrome notebook finally arrives, 12/27/10
Tech highlights: 2000-2010, 12/20/10
Holiday gift ideas for the tech-minded, 12/13/10
Utilizing the Internet during US - S. Korea military exercises, 12/06/10
Web Summit 2.0 provides unique Internet forum, 11/22/10
Futuristic robots are not the stuff of science fiction anymore, 11/15/10
Apple, Microsoft and some time-traveling, 11/08/10
Saying good-bye to yesterday's technology can be hard to do, 11/01/10
Adventure: sending an iPhone and video camera to the edge of space, 10/25/10
Finding safe online social networks for the kids, 10/18/10
The White House is going solar – once again, 10/11/10
Consumer tech device necessities are shifting, 10/04/10
College bans all Internet social media access for one week, 09/27/10
One Gbps Internet speed is a reality in Chattanooga, 09/20/10
Pew reports increased Internet usage by adults 50 and over, 09/13/10
Bloom Box parallels 'The Burden Water Wheel', 09/06/10
Keep the Internet equally accessible for everyone, 08/30/10
'Attention-grabbing' YouTube facts and figures, 08/23/10
Apple is peddling the iBike design, 08/16/10
Available Internet IP addresses are nearly exhausted, 08/09/10
Facebook friends remember the old grade school, 07/26/10
Many businesses and individuals still use Windows XP, 07/19/10
Connected 'Smart-Cars' capable of reporting our driving activities, 07/12/10
Future use of desktop computing is in the clouds, 07/05/10
The Web is evolving from static to Semantic, 06/28/10
High Twitter usage causes 'over capacity' downtime delays, 06/21/10
Will YouTube offer live video streaming soon?, 06/14/10
Google's Chrome OS will be set inside the clouds, 06/07/10
Concerns about personal online privacy growing, 05/31/10
Diaspora versus Facebook gaining momentum and dollars, 05/24/10
Effects of Gulf oil spill tracked by University students, 05/17/10
Online social networks started years ago, 05/10/10
The Green Economy wants us 'Boomers', 04/26/10
As Earth speaks, will anyone ever hear us, 04/12/10
Geolocation is the new tech buzz word of the year - so far, 04/05/10
Linking our vehicles to an 'informational' superhighway, 03/29/10
FCC seeks 'ultra-high-speed' link to all communities, 03/22/10
Next-generation Internet backbone is about to throttle up, 03/15/10
From the 60's to the FCC asking us about broadband us, 03/08/10
New research says Google/Internet enhances our intelligence, 03/01/10
Our communities lay claim to US patent fame, 02/15/10
Apple ends the suspense and presents the iPad, 02/08/10
NASA's 'Spirit' has now become a stationary correspondent, 02/01/10
Cyber war! Google reacts to attacks on Gmail accounts, 01/25/10
2010 Consumer Electronics Show via live-streaming, 01/18/10
We are off and running with the launch of Nexus One, 01/11/10
It's officially rumored: Google's new computer to arrive late this year, 01/04/10
2000-2009: the decade personal technology soared, 12/28/09
2009: The year of tweeting, streaming, applications, and social networking, 12/21/09
Futuristic visual search application 'Google Goggles' is released, 12/14/09
Discovering digitized e-Books via Project Gutenberg, 12/07/09
The holiday shopping season is upon us(again), 11/30/09
Space shuttle Atlantis send-off includes NASA sponsored 'Tweetup', 11/23/09
Preserving today's digital memories for future generations, 11/16/09
Have you checked your Facebook settings?, 11/09/09
Google wants us to catch its new 'wave', 11/02/09
Exploring the Internet nourishes our brains, 10/26/09
Microsoft releasing Windows 7 this week, 10/19/09
Famous fathers of (fill-in-the-blank), 10/12/09
Europe drives effort for an online 'library of libraries', 10/05/09
Solar power may eventually be directly 'beamed' to earth, 09/28/09
Project Icarus journeys to the edge of space, 09/21/09
100 megabytes per second from the moon, 09/14/09
40 years ago today for the first American bank ATM opens for business, 08/30/09
Some back-to-school gift ideas, 08/24/09
Denial of service attack shuts down popular social networks, 08/17/09
Is Apple the next big player to enter the online search engine market?, 08/10/09
On this day in 1977 Radio Shack announces the TRS-80 computer, 08/03/09
We are using the Internet more during the current recession, 07/27/09
Will Google's new Chrome OS end up turning into rust?, 07/13/09
Sometimes we just need a break from our online social networks, 07/06/09
In this instance, MEMs' the word, 06/29/09
Please give a warm welcome to our new perceptual robotic friends, 06/22/09
No static when using Internet radio, 06/15/09
Microsoft launches the 'Bing' search engine, 06/08/09
Next iPhone version will soon be available, 06/01/09
Using iTunes store application for tracking plane flights, 05/25/09
'Intelligent' computational knowledge search engine to make its debut, 05/18/09
An @ symbol by any other name is also sweet, 05/11/09
New K3 wind and solar 'tribrid' device worth looking at, 05/04/09
Minnesota's collection of rich history is being preserved, 04/27/09
Cellular is moving from third to fourth generation, 04/20/09
Google's secret hardware is revealed, 04/08/09
Intel launches powerful new processor chips, 04/06/09
Is the future of computing in the clouds?, 03/30/09
The sun provides more then just warmth, 03/23/09
More and more 'faces' are joining Facebook, 03/16/09
'Father' of the Internet sees many challenges ahead, 03/09/09
Windows 7: Is this finally the right one?, 03/02/09
Are you a friend on Facebook yet?, 02/23/09
Google testing new 'PowerMeter' application, 02/16/09
IBM to build fastest computer on the planet (again), 02/9/09
The Vatican launches its own YouTube channel, 02/2/09
Mini 'netbook' computers are all the rage, 01/26/09
Be on guard against Internet thieves, 01/19/09
42nd CES shines despite economic slowdown, 01/12/09
Remember: digitize before February 18th, 01/05/09
2008? Let's look forward to 2009, 12/29/08
Does Santa Claus use a computer?, 12/22/08
We were green and lifecasting in 2008, 12/15/08
Dance the night away and create some electricity, 12/08/08
December holiday shopping ideas, 12/01/08
Feeling frustrated when technology breaks down?, 11/24/08
YouTube has quantity, but Hulu provides mainstream quality, 11/17/08
Did you see the CNN hologram?, 11/10/08
Robotic 'ants' may colonize Mars, 11/03/08
Exploring the 'Computer History Museum', 10/27/08
Apple's new MacBook incorporated a 'glass multi-touch pad', 10/20/08
Welcome to the 21st century dad, 10/13/08
Next generation fiber optic cable crosses the Pacific Ocean, 10/6/08
Is 'search technology' helping us think better?, 9/29/08
Taking 21st century technology back to the 1800s via 'Steampunk', 9/22/08
DEMO '08 provides a venue to separate the hype, 9/15/08
Computer virus makes its way into earth orbit, 9/8/08
Students will need 'STEM' for their future careers, 9/1/08
'Government made easy' is their mission statement, 8/25/08
Gotta keep searchin', searchin', 8/18/08
Our government has its own 'private' Wikipedia, 8/11/08
Google scans over one trillion indexed pages, 8/4/08
NASA can see clearly now using the Hyperwall-2, 7/28/08
Remembering a futuristic information pioneer, 7/21/08
NASA teams up with a robot named WALL-E, 7/14/08
Quantum computing is closer to reality, 7/7/08
Surprising information about you is 'out there', 6/30/08
My computer crashed and so did I, 6/23/08
Try catching this speedy Roadrunner, 6/16/08
Canadian lab is 'shaping' the future of computing, 6/9/08
Graduates will need to use all their skill sets, 6/2/08
Making online purchases less stressful, 5/26/08
Livecasting and forecasting the Internet, 5/19/08
Study the galaxy using the WorldWide Telescope, 5/12/08
Add your Apple computer to the 'collective', 5/5/08
Why the rush to upgrade from Windows XP to Vista?, 4/28/08
Cell phones may soon be your tourist guide, 4/21/08
What happened to the 'paperless' office?, 4/14/08
The Internet responds to 'Earth Hour', 4/7/08
'Twittering' is becoming popular over the Internet, 3/31/08
Future phone devices will use nanotechnology, 3/24/08
Does modern technology control us?, 3/10/08
Internet enters its third stage of growth, 3/3/08
Socially interacting computer appears on the scene, 2/25/08
Robotics League competes at Mall of America, 2/18/08
Vulnerable cables lay beneath the sea, 2/11/08
Language translations on the Internet, 2/4/08
Web sites available for 'mature' Internet surfers, 1/28/08
The grocery shopping cart gets 'computerized', 1/21/08
Are voters more informed using the Internet?, 1/14/08
This sea dragon is indeed magical, 1/7/08
Goodbye 2007, 12/31/07
As 2007 comes to an end . . . we look back, 12/24/07
Importance of practicing safe computing, 12/17/07
Recalling a Christmas without the 'high-tech', 12/10/07
Remember the BBS 'Culture', 12/03/07
Does the USA "control" the Internet?, 11/26/07
Microsoft operating system updates, 11/19/07
Watch TV and Google for directions at the gas pump, 11/12/07
The next big thing? Pico projectors, 11/5/07
Japan shop offers unique techno products, 10/29/07
To boldly go where no Internet has gone before, 10/22/07
Stopping car thieves via a satellite signal, 10/15/07
Bell labs. . . a history of inventions, 10/8/07
‘American memory’ library is open 24-7, 10/1/07
Laptops to overtake desktops by 2010, 9/24/07
Are we becoming web couch potatoes?, 9/17/07
Ninth grade prank 25 years ago made history, 9/10/07
Martian surface harbors earthly intelligence, 9/3/07
25th anniversary of the compact disc, 8/27/07
Nano-engineered ‘paper’ battery created, 8/20/07
2008 will see start of ‘WiMax’ revolution, 8/13/07
Microsoft ‘surfaces’ with a new type of computer, 8/6/07
YouTube takes center stage during debates, 7/30/07
You’ve got spam . . . now what?, 7/23/07
So many passwords so . . . so little time, 7/16/07
Broadband connection growth is slowing, 7/9/07
Wireless electricity arriving soon, 7/2/07
Vintage Bits and Bytes, 6/25/07
Do computers contribute to global warming?, 6/18/07
Paper, plastic, analog or digital?, 6/11/07
We need more broadband, Scotty, 6/4/07
Here’s how it all works, 5/28/07
‘Life’ found on the Internet, 5/21/07
Interactive world history timeline . . . online, 5/14/07
IBM: A ‘five in five’ prediction, 5/7/07
Remembering “The Computer Chronicles,” 4/30/07
Do you have a Bluetooth?, 4/23/07
Google beta tests free voice directory assistance, 4/16/07
Isn’t one Internet network enough?, 4/9/07
A visit to the National Archives, 4/2/07
The inventor of today’s e-mail, 3/26/07
The latest in science and technology news, 3/19/07
Without wires: accessing the Internet, 3/12/07
Is ‘Wikipedia’ a credible source for research?, 3/5/07
McCarthy’s ‘lost magic’ found on the Internet, 2/26/07
What will computer technology look like in 50 years?, 2/19/07
Whooda thunk it?, 2/12/07
Internet information overload?, 2/5/07
China’s Internet use and IPv6 technology, 1/29/07
Highlights from the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show, 1/22/07
40th anniversary for Consumer Electronics Show, 1/15/07
Looking at some new gadgets, 1/8/07
Here comes 2007, 1/1/07
Looking back at 2006 and “The Tech 2006 person of the year award,” 12/25/06
Some very merry high-tech holiday gift ideas, 12/18/06
From something old to something new, will just a byte of data do?, 12/11/06
The real inventor of the World Wide Web, 12/4/06
100 million websites and counting, 11/7/06
Microsoft ready to release “Vista,” 11/20/06
President Abraham Lincoln . . . the first “high-tech” president, 11/13/06
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